Prot Paladin Concordance Achieved!

One of my paladins finally achieved concordance on her protection spec, so new mount!  I love this one as it’s pink and I love pink!



Quite pretty isn’t it?

I still need to grind out the Ret and Holy concordances which will take quite a bit of time, especially given that I’m doing most of the “grinding” via emissaries and that I have several classes in progress at the same time.  The good news it that three of the classes only need a single concordance.  Once those are done, it will lighten the load of the emissaries and I can do more than just the emissary quests.

Working on the emissaries this way also yielded my 80th legendary account-wide.  No, that is not a typo.  I have 80 legendaries across the account.  Most are from Emissary Caches.  Around 7 are from world bosses, 1 is from a mythic plus, 1 from raid and 2 are from random rares.  My main has 11 of the 13 possible for blood spec.  Once I get the final two, I’ll look to swapping her to frost spec.  I see no point in not having all the blood legendaries.

Despite not having a lot of time this week, I ended up being able to finish the AQ sets.  All I had remaining was the Mage set and just needed a bit more reputation to finish it off.  I’ve also been working on Tier 6 as well, but I don’t see finishing that this week… Hyjal is just too much of a pain to do many runs in.  I need to be running my two leatherworkers through SSC because all I need is the Belt of the Black Eagle for my hunter to finish off Tier 5.  I even have the random World Drop bracers by chance.

I’ve actually seen a lot of complaining on the forums about people being able to go back later and get transmog/mounts and such “easier” and how it’s unfair.  It’s all just silliness of course…. removing that content or requiring raids to go get it would strangulate a lot of people’s fun.  I know I enjoy all these transmog runs and I’ve always enjoyed running old raids “for the lawls” as they say.  I don’t understand people wanting everything to be a challenge.  And what’s a challenge for me, a normal raider, is not challenging for a mythic raider say nor is what is challenging for an LFR raider going to likely be overly challenging for anyone who raids beyond.  Having content for many levels is only logical and a good decision.

“Well just nix LFR and everyone can use the group finder to do raids”.  Um, nope.  I don’t pug raids anymore.  Been there, done that, don’t have time to fight with it.  Nixing LFR won’t force people into normals.  It’ll just lock them out of raiding once again entirely.  I just view LFR as a bonus that might give me an upgrade once in a while.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “Prot Paladin Concordance Achieved!”

  1. I can’t get passed the “80”!

    Congrats on all the progress; Concordance, transmog 🙂

    I had no idea people complained that we are able to return to older raids for collections and that its “too easy”. Gosh. Its old content. Just the other day I wished that MoP raids onwards were made easier – like they did with every other raid before, when they did that stat squish some years ago.

    I really enjoy visiting old raids 🙂

    1. Thanks! Any progress on the great Transmog Project of Doom is always a good thing and I REALLY wanted the Prot Pally mount so I’m really excited to get it!

      Yeah I know… Old content is old content… I love going through and smashing things! And I will be glad if/when they do the squish past MoP. That would be nice!

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