Eastern Kingdom Fires

Flame Warden of Eastern Kingdoms:
Arathi Highlands – Refuge Point [north side]
Blasted Lands – Nethergarde Keep [out front gates]
Burning Steppes – Morgan’s Vigil
Dun Morogh – Kharanos [North of flight point]
Duskwood – Darkshire [SW]
Elwynn Forest – [Goldshire]
Loch Modan – Thelsamar
Northern Stranglethorn – Fort Livingston
Redridge Mountains – Lakeshire
The Cape of Stranglethorn – Booty Bay
The Hinterlands – Aerie Peak
Western Plaguelands – Chillwind Camp
Westfall – Moonbrook
Wetlands – Menethil Harbor

Extinguishing Eastern Kingdoms:
Arathi Highlands – Hammerfall
Badlands – New Kargath
Burning Steppes – Flame Crest
Eversong Woods – North Sanctum
Ghostlands – Tranquillien
Hillsbrad Foothills – Tarren Mill
Northern Stranglethorn – Grom’Gol
Silverpine Forest – Sepulcher
Swamp of Sorrows – Bogpaddle
The Cape of Stranglethorn – Booty Bay
The Hinterlands – Revantusk Village
Tirisfal Glades – Brill


Other Fires in EK:
Bogpaddle – Alliance fire
Badlands – Alliance Fire [Dragon’s Mouth]

My Next Project:

Soloing Bosses 😀

Mainly inspired by my husband’s drive to get the 100,000 gold looted, which he achieved last week.  You can get an impressive amount of gold simply by soloing old raids.  I’m sitting at roughly 74k of 100k right now.

So far I’ve soloed:

Molten Core: 9/9
Magtheridon 1/1
Naxxramas: 15/15
Vault of Archavon 3/4 – Have Toravon left
Tempest Keep 4/4
Serpentshrine Caverns 5/6
AQ40 – 9/9
AQ20 –  6/6
Blackwing Lair 8/8

Goals Before MoP

I know, I know…  Yeah…  3 posts so far in two days and a couple of weeks before that without one… but eh, I have stuff to talk about NOW.

Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and start making that list of ‘things I want done before the next expansion’.  Mainly so I could start working on it 😛

World of Warcraft
*Ogril’a Exalted,
*Frenzyheart Exalted
*Mercenary of Sholazar
*Ratchet Exalted,
*Everlook Exalted,
*Stormpike Exalted
*Avengers of Hyjal exalted
*Get into PVP a little bit and earn at least a few of those achievements.
*Try to get the Tol’vir pet and mount.
*Get the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth
*Get a Vial of the Sands
*Grind the pattern on my druid
*Try to finish out Shadowmourne…  22/50
*Hit 12k achievement points
*Grind a Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade for Askevar
*Finish Well Read on my primary alts
*Max out professions on alts on AZM [Leatherworking and Engineering]
*Salty on Askevar [just need the rare fish]
*Turtle mount on Askevar
*Cenarion Molten Core set for Aricaa [have 7 of the 8 pieces]
*Level one of each class on the main account to 85: just need mage – have one at level 79 at the moment
*Clear out my toons banks and guild banks…  make use of void storage for the things I want to keep

If I get really bored, run the rest of my AZM toons through the Cataclysm zones they didn’t finish in while in the leveling process.

Looking at that list and thinking… honestly the only things I expect to get done are the rep grinds and some PVP… not sure I have the fortitude to grind out the archaeology stuff and the fishing achievements.  I probably will make some progress on Shadowmourne but we’ll see.

*Hit 50 on Askevar, my Jedi Guardian [she’s 49 now]
*Level my Bounty Hunter [Level 30]
*Level some alts, especially after 1.2 hits

Other Games:
Finish Diablo 3 on the Barbarian.  Play other classes
Try out Star Trek Online as it’s free 2 play
Play LotRO with Endyme some.

I honestly am not sure I’ll do much with the MoP beta…  The Cataclysm beta left a really bad taste in my mouth because of the poor quality of it… and the fact that every bug I reported was in the release… and the fact that the feedback function was broken for months…  Yeah, was severely not impressed there and it’s kinda to the point of  ‘what is the point?’ if Blizz isn’t going to listen anyway.  I probably will spend a little time in it… but yeah, not too much.

Diablo 3 – if it’s ever released, is something hubby and I will check out.  I seriously doubt we’ll play it long term but as we’re receiving a copy from the annual pass, it’d be a little silly not to check it out.

We’ll see how it goes… for now I’m playing what I feel like as I can and have time :), with WoW being my priority as I’m raiding and raid leading and really enjoying that!

Achievementy Week [Image Heavy Post]

I’ve felt a little off this week and so I’ve devoted the time I’m online to grinding those few annoying achievements I hate [ie: rep grinding].

But first, look who I found out at Netherwing Ledge!


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We killed 8/8 tonight in 3 hours!  WOOT!  What a Valentine’s present to ourselves!

Group Makeup:
Tanks: Paladin/Death Knight
Healers: Paladin/Druid/Holy Priest
DPS: Paladin/Rogue/Hunter/Mage/Priest


Gratz guys and fantastic job!  Go Firestorm!