Random Meaningless Update

Or another alt update… or something.

My mage has reached level 73 – yay! She’ll be 80 within a week I expect, depending on how much I care about grinding her and how much I PVP and whatnot for the experience.

When I finish leveling her, I’ll be focusing on the warrior next… and achievements for all my toons. As I said, a little every day and I’ll be there in short order.

Todays accomplishments:
1. Outland and/or Northrend Gourmet on several toons.
2. Got the mage another outland daily recipe and finished up Borean Tundra and started Dragonblight. She also picked up all the emotion food recipes, which I was surprised getting 3 back to back to back almost.
3. I did finally finish Classic Dungeonmaster on my shaman the other day… just have Dire Maul for the priest and then the achieve to grind for both mage and warrior.
4. I find myself more and more considering my toons and their backstory… and even talking it out a bit more with a friend. Don’t be surprised it you see a post related to my thoughts in the near future.
5. Caught my mage’s mining up so I can mine current level stuff… so I don’t have to go back later and worry with it.

The Alt Update:

First of all, my pally tank alt got in a guild Ony10 run last night.  I was kind of surprised they wanted us and I honestly didn’t feel like raiding but it was a LOT of fun!  The paladin def helm dropped and they gave it to me!  Totally not expecting that at all.  I was… well squeeing would be the best word to use lol.

Still need Classic Dungeonmaster on my shaman and priest [and upcoming mage and warrior as well].

Explored the Eastern Kingdoms on my paladin and outland on my rogue; and got the World Explorer title and achieve on my hunter.  Still got a lot to do with this for all my toons, but a little at a time is what I’m aiming for.  I should have plenty of time before Cataclysm.

Let’s see…  I’m working on collecting cooking recipes I missed/skipped on my alts right now.  I’m only a few recipes short on my priest, shaman and  mage [excluding the cooking daily only recipes of course – those add a few more].

I hit level 70 on my mage [yes already].  The battleground experience she gets is pretty insane.  I honestly haven’t worked on my warrior much of late, but eh, I’ll get him leveled eventually.

Things About Brewfest I thought Everyone Knew

Over the last few days I’ve gotten Brewmaster on more of my toons [I did a second wave of them through since my new and old mains got it quickly]. People in my guild were shocked that I could make that many tokens.

I make 55 tokens per day
10 from the Dark Iron Dwarf Attack
15 from the Barking for the beers [the one you run thru IF for]
30 off of Ram racing to Kharanos.

Ram racing isn’t a daily with a blue exclamation point. It’s a daily where you talk to the guy who gave you the quest to recover 3 barrels. Yes, there is a reason you see us make trip after trip every day… and usually a line of people with us 😛

Additionally, for the ram racing: if you hit the apple barrels, it gets rid of fatigue. I never thought to mention this, but I’ve been doing the brewfest stuff for a couple years [on my old main I ground the ram two years ago], so I sorta took it for granted that people knew this. Hopefully this will help you during the last 2 regular days and 2 extra days of brewfest 🙂

I Hate PVP.

I absolutely entirely 100% hate pvp. The only interest I’ve had has been in Wintergrasp and that was mainly for achievements and mounts, and such…

Now I’ve tried a little lower level pvp… Specifically Alterac Valley, starting at level 59… Let’s just say that four AVs later, I hit 60. I’ve been shocked at how decently easy AV is [at least for my mage]. I just follow the pack and nuke things, freeze things, sheep things, turtle things, rabbit things and the like… And I’m rewarded with achievements and a TON of experience.

So maybe PVP isn’t that bad on the right toon at the right level…

So from now on, on my mage, I’m going to sit in the AV queue whilst questing.

Trial of the Champions – 10 man

We just defeated Anub’arak for the first time in ToC10 man.  We’re taking a gander at heroic-10 now.  I even got a 1 handed sword Westfall Saber for my dual wield dps set because we had no one else who could use it.

Cinch of the Undying and Vigilant Ward also dropped!

Our mage won the belt and one of shaman healers snagged the shield!  Gratz to all and good job!


Hubby and I duoed Coren Direbrew last night [me cycling all my alts through of course].  Lo and behold when I brought my main in, the Brewfest Kodo dropped and my main is the only one I’d consider attempting to get it on ahead of hubby, so we both need rolled and I won 😀

My DK on her newest mount
My DK on her newest mount

In addition to that, my hubby got the new epic mace, my priest got the healing trinket and the brewfest ram [hubby had it already], and my warlock got the spell damage trinket.  Got a mental wishlist for the rest of my toons – dodge/stam trinkets for my pallytank;  The mace for DW for both my dk and shaman, another one of the daggers for my rogue and the melee dps trinket, and the dodge trinket for my druid’s tank set.  Probably won’t get it all but I have a good shot at getting some of it.

Brewfest yet again…

And yesterday marked the start of Brewfest ’09! Once again everyone is going to revel in the mainly dwarven [yes I’m alliance all the way] tradition of getting oneself so drunk you see pink elephants… hic…

With 8 80s and a couple 20-40ish toons, I had to decide what I wanted from it. My old main gets the title… she’s only a few Brewfest and Hallow’s End achieves from the Violet Protodrake now. My new main gets the title as well cuz I want the drake on her someday…

The rest of my toons are doing the easy achievements and then buying the little pink elekk pet which is sooo cute! [okay yes, that was my girly side shining through… all my toons wear Pink Mageweave Shirts!].

I’m finding that my altoholic side is suddenly becoming valuable as well… Everyone wants me to parade my 8 toons through BRD so they can get yet another shot at the Kodo. Heck, other than on my main, I don’t give a rip about the mounts. The loot, I admit, is nice to get on my alts… but eh, just happy to help!

Achievements I want on all my alts…

With Cataclysm set to hit Azeroth at some point probably next year, I’ve decided there are a few achievements I want on all my alts, regardless.

1. Classic Dungeonmaster — I don’t trust Blizz not to do something funky with h-deadmines etc, so I want them to all have the achievements in advance.  The phasing during leveling makes me nervous about powerleveling toon because if my hubby’s pally can’t see me – he very well can’t help.  I have Classic on all but 2 of my 78 plus toons and only need another 14 random classic dungeon runs to achieve that.  I figure I can get the dungeons along the way with my upcoming toons.

2. World Explorer – Outlands and Northrend are easy – mainly due to flight.  All my 80s have them explored, except 1 and my priest has both as well.  My old and new mains have EK and Kalimdor explored but the rest… eh… they’re all missed an area or two in each zone.  So this will be a time consuming one.  I figure if I do a little at a time I’ll get there eventually.

3. Loremaster on my DK – yes, I am insane.  I have like 10 quests done on one island, and 15 on the other since I just about skipped straight to outlands at 58.  This will be the most time consuming achievement.

4. Max out my priest, mage and warrior to 80.  The priest is almost 79 now, so she won’t be any trouble.  And since my mage got her spec fixed, she’s grinding through mobs like a fiend!  The warrior is more problematic atm, but I can power level him I spose if need be.

5. Max out all professions – Most of my people are a few points short in their professions and only two have cooking to max, so I definitely want to work on that.