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So I got two mounts today… And these days getting one mount is a big deal.


Well, I was up very late grinding out the last few coins for the fishing mount from Nat Pagle.  I finally got it.  But I was mumbling how evil the water was when it took nearly 15 minutes to get the very last coin I needed.  You can read my insanity on twitter covering it lol.


Crimson Water Strider

I started 23 coins short so that’s not too bad.  I know it’s a recolor but it gets me one closer to my goal of 300…  Hubby said it looks like an evil version of the water strider and I suppose it does…

After I woke up, I decided to do a few Vortex Pinnacle runs since it’s one of the mounts I’m still missing.  I read a little bit on Wowhead and they advised using a hunter/rogue/feral druid just for ease of stealthing through mobs/speed.  Monk probably would have worked too as you can just run by most of the mobs, but I went with the hunter and camo’d to the first boss, killed it and just ran to the second.  Four or five attempts later, the boss had a purple on it.


Yes, it says 11 attempts there [that’s the Rarity addon – it shows attempts/faux achievements.  But that’s a toon I don’t really play much and they had 6-7 attempts when I started.  Askevar’s been through that place quite a bit more.  So while it seems lucky, I probably have well over 100 attempts on that boss accountwide… and the Rarity addon is a relatively new thing… no idea if it’s counting runs from before either.

But that leaves me 3 mounts shy of the 300 goal.  I still need the 5k saberstalker mount… which is a grind I don’t look forward to, the Champion’s Treadblade, and the Mystic Runesaber among others.  And there’s my weekly Elegon/Horridon runs that haven’t yielded anything yet.

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#WarlockWeek and #WarriorWeek

Yes, once again I am hideously late to this party of appreciation for our alts :P.


My first raiding toon and real main was a warlock.  This is Carlyn whom I rolled on Thorium Brotherhood back at the end of vanilla.


She started raiding in Burning Crusade and continued to be my main all the way into Naxxramas in Lich King, at which point I swapped to Askevar.  I loved being a demonology warlock but being demonology was more important than continuing to raid on the toon, and since Ven needed an offtank, I changed mains.  Catching up on achievements was a royal pain – I will say 😛

I have many fond memories on Carlyn – first stepping into a 25 man raid and later leading one, hubby and I finishing the epic mount questlines for our classes, watching our raid leaders and learning from them… the epic mistype in Magtheridon’s Lair by the raid leader.  There were some not so good – getting picked on because I prioritized stats differently and getting treated like dirt by the other warlocks when I outdps’d them with the different priorities… become an officer and then getting a lot dumped on, and the 1% wipe on Gruul we had to walk away from.  I doubt I’ll ever main a warlock again, but I’ll always have a fondness for this toon.


In that vein, I rolled another warlock a long time ago on a different server.  She has yet to reach max level and not sure she will but here she is in her gnome cuteness.





Besides rogues, warriors are probably my other least favorite class.  It hasn’t helped that the vast majority of the ones I’ve run into aren’t terribly pleasant – not all of them, mind you.

Anyway, I decided back when that I needed a male character…  and my night elf warrior was born.  Truth be told, I’d race change him if I cared enough… I do NOT like him.  Now that said, I have the fond memory of dressing him entirely in pink plus a pimp cane, RP walking him into Warsong Gulch’s horde base and doing /dance while my teammates grabbed the flag and capped it.  The horde all targeted me, in shock I think, and left me alone until they realized I was a distraction.  It’s a true story 😛



To my surprise I have another warrior hanging out on my account… I think I rolled it to experiment with lowbie pvp back when warriors were OP [are they still?]  Because I love gnomes:



And then there’s the Panda warrior I started to level for a guild achievement.  I actually am leveling her prot and am enjoying it quite a bit.


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Well Shaman Week ended yesterday so naturally I had to post something today instead LOL.  Anywho, I only have two shaman – both with the same name.  Here’s Tsali from ThoBro – who used to be dedicated Enhancement spec but is now Elemental.  She’s got the full Scarlet set – no longer obtainable and I’m pretty proud of the transmog.



Shaman are fun.  😀  I’m actually surprised I only have two of them but yeah, that’s it.  Anyway, Tsali is one of the alts I had to leave behind on ThoBro when we server transferred back in Cata.  I really hated leaving her behind so I rolled another shaman on Azuremyst once we got settled in a guild and started leveling her.  She’s Enhancement of course… though I wish the spec were as fun this expansion as I remember it being before.


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I realize that I’ve missed Priest week, but figured since I had the time I’d sit down and try to write the entry.  My priest has been one of my two primary alts for the last couple of expansions.  I initially tried to level her whilst we were in Naxx 25 and needed priests for Mind Controls for one of the fights in there.  With half your healing corps priests and only one or two shadow priests, we needed more.  I leveled her to level 30 as shadow and then swapped to disc.  She’s been disc since that point in time.  She used to be Kintara on Thorium Brotherhood but had to swap to Liyah over here on Azuremyst.


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My husband has like 6-7 paladins… maybe more on his account.  Only three of them are max level thus far.  He likes paladins.  He’s played a paladin since he logged on in vanilla and he’s weathered all the changes the game provided for paladins.  Mostly he’s been a Prot pally, sometimes a Ret and very occasionally he’s even been a holy paladin.  He likes paladins so much that our son has a level 85 paladin and I have several paladins myself, though my main is my death knight [I always thought the Paladin/Death Knight combo was interesting].

Venoym and Askevar

Askevar and Venoym

Anyway here’s Venoym in full transmog:


Like I said, he’s had this toon forever.  He exceeds me in total achievement points and has ground things like the Insane.  He did contemplate swapping mains once or twice because of some massive paladin changes that came out but has always managed to roll with those punches and enjoy the class once again.

Here’s his smattering of other paladins…  I left out his army of lowbies.

Ven's pally army

Ven’s pally army: Herald toon; Horde and 2 of his main server alt pallies.

Yes, he’s mad about paladins.

So much so that our son’s first toon was a paladin.  And yes, it looks very much like Venoym… he is a daddy’s boy.

Little Venoym

Little Venoym

He calls it a hunter though… Our son thinks Hunter is part of the toon’s name… so yeah.  It’s weird I know 😛  So he’s got the mage on one account and this paladin on the other.  If he wants anymore he’ll have to level them.  [His third toon appears to be a warlock that just hit level 3 – and he’s very very proud of that].

And for completion’s sake here’s my Paladin Collage:

CollageAskThe dwarf there was the first toon I ever rolled on the account… I leveled her to 40ish in vanilla and then dropped her because while being a Jack of all trades was fun at low levels, it became more complex and weak the higher you went.  She’s swapped specs a few times but it currently holy.

The human paladin is my current bank toon… I decked her out in that transmog from Darkmoon Faire at level 10 or 20… I honestly forget which, but I wanted her to look good.

And the horde there is Holykau…  the poor thing can’t keep a horde guild on Argent Dawn – she’s had them transferred out from under her four or five times now… and it’s continually someone kicking everyone and ninja-transferring to either have a level 25 guild or to sell it… I’m still not completely sure.  She was leveled for the double agent achievement but I enjoy playing horde side on occasion.

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So it’s Monk week!  I adore my monk!  She’s very fun and my favorite toon other than my main 🙂  I leveled Taiki as Brewmaster originally, thinking I’d definitely want to be a tank but I ended up through circumstances trying Windwalker and falling in love.

Here’s Taiki – my level 90 monk on my main realm



She’s the only dps alt I really enjoy and I’ve tanked on her a little bit and it’s pretty decent too.  It actually reminds me of death knight tanking somehow.  I tried healing on her in LFR after throwing together a cobbled set but it just doesn’t work for me.


That said, I am trying mistweaving on another lowbie toon and it’s pretty easy there… not sure why it seems so much harder endgame but it seems that way… Here’s Kwini who is slowly being leveled and who has basically done little questing and all dungeoning thus far.




I’ve rolled a few other monks, including a bank alt for my old realm.  Also rolled a human monk for a raid activity before the last patch dropped where we all rolled new toons and rushed to level 10 for battlegrounds…  but they don’t seem to have taken.

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I mained a warlock initially, so I had very little appreciation for mages until I’d leveled most of the other classes.  I always reckoned that if I wanted to play with fire, I’d just go destruction.  Despite saying that, my lock has been demonology – always.  And I did end up “playing with fire”.  I can’t make a mage do very well, but I do enjoy playing them on occasion.  I only have one mage to share that’s my own.  She’s a human mage, created on Argent Dawn and named after a former raid leader who I particularly learned from.  She sat for a couple years before finally getting leveled.




As you can see her transmog is… incomplete 😛


But anyway, what I really want to discuss is my son’s mage, which used to be mine…  When we moved servers, my husband wanted the convenience of us both being able to port around.  Add to that, the mage was a toon our son had shown some fascination with and I was planning to leave it behind.  Hubby insisted that I move it to the other account, so we’d both have ports and our son could also play it with us.  I’m glad he did.  Since we moved servers, our son has flirted with the game on and off and really enjoys his little gnome mage, which he calls “Mommy’s gnome.”


His gnome’s home is in Stormwind and the Trade District innkeeper is his toon’s mommy.  He mainly spends his time either on this toon or his human paladin [who are apparently siblings since the innkeeper in Trade is mommy to both] and enjoys just flying around exploring.

He learned to read a map a long time ago somehow, which as someone with a degree in Anthropology/Geography makes me quite happy.  So he can find me anywhere just about.  He makes a game of it occasionally, especially if I’m in a place he doesn’t recognize.

He’s learned to fight sha and knows some raid ettiquette.  He’s learned to not stand in bad.  And he has fun learning.  His toon also has uncanny luck with gear… he got both pieces of 496 tier off Sha, 2 rings, boots and belt off Galleon; and both 522 tier off Nalak with a plethora of PVP gear.

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