Mists of Pandaria

Askevar is 90… hit it Friday in fact [with Venoym].  This was the fastest and hardest we’ve ever pushed to level.  I know a lot of people like to savor initially, but we both prefer to just get our main to 90 and worry about savoring later with alts.  That’s why they exist after all?  Anyway, Askevar’s main set is going along well.  I do a couple scenarios a day as well as a heroic or two in the evening.  All my pieces, save a 442 blue ring, are 450 or better, with several 463 items.  I’m doing my daily rep grinds and I’ve maxed all my professions both primary [Inscription/Jewelcrafting] and Secondary [Archaeology, First Aid, Cooking, Fishing] and I got access to the end food for the Way of the Oven [aka the tank tree].  I also have all my on server alts parked at Halfhill to farm various veggies to max the other ways or to create the max Oven food.  By the way, if you do this, the Outpost Zhu flightpoint in Krasanger is the one that connects the Jade Forest initial town to Halfhill.

For that matter, I’ve now maxed out every profession on my account except Blacksmithing and Skinning.  Suffice to say, our guild has the heirloom legs already, and not just through my efforts either.  Sadly they are only good through 85, which I think is a little silly, but I was able to buy a pair for my level 20 monk.  Oh, we also have the guild shirts because a group running scenarios last night saw we were only two away and decided to finish.  They’re kinda cute but you can’t see it with my armor on [as it should be for a tank].

My offset gear is crap [its unholy now, gave up frost] and a quarter to half the pieces are still level 85 stuff that I need to replace, but, on the flipside, I’m quite a hardy tank right now.

Honestly, I don’t see any of my alts getting to 90 very quickly.  I’ve got 2 at 86 – my bank alt/gatherer and my horde pally [the horde pally would net me 2 account achievements].  With our guild not even discussing raiding for another two weeks, I might get one leveled but who knows?  My main priority, as always, is going to be getting Askevar’s tank set raid ready – everything else is bonus.

Sundays have become achievement night and due to lack of interest from our guild [a lot of people are still busy leveling and that’s alright], we’ve been pulling from cross realm friends.  We’ve gotten a lot done though and we’ve had a blast doing it.  We even managed to 9 man Heroic Chimaeron just before MoP hit – with 3 healers, 2 tanks and the rest dps – and that’s what we managed to get… we had intended to 2 heal, but with everyone wanting to try out their mainspec, extra heals never hurt :D.


I will admit, at times the dailies feel almost endless, but once I get the reputations to max, I’ll be gold.  I’m already revered with Order of the Cloud Serpent and well into honored with most of the rest so it’ll get there 🙂  And I’m not finding these dailies near as painful as some have been in the past either.


Goldwise – I’ve already spent a ton between buying the Grand Expedition Yak and speed leveling some professions.  Despite that, I’ve actually managed to make money on Askevar and I’ll make back the rest and then some when I level the alts, so it’ll all work out.  Hey, don’t look at me that way… I saved and ground for that Yak for several months before MoP dropped and I’m darn proud of it!  There is nothing like achieving a goal you set out to complete.


Speaking of achievements, for the first time since I was maining a warlock, I have finally passed my husband in total achievement points.  Now, so it’s said, that won’t last as he’ll do all those achievements and catch right back up… but for once it’s nice to be ahead!

Various and Sundry Things…

Our ten man group took a few new people and downed him for the second time on Friday.  It was only afterwards that I realized it was mostly our original team, several of whom had to drop out due to scheduling changes and such.  Also a major grats to Endyme and Kidichka‘s group for downing LK the night before in a very intense battle.  Our third ten man is working on him as well as has scheduled a couple extra nights to get him down [they’re at that point of tasting it], so best of luck this evening guys!

One of the best things about this holiday is easily being able to level your cooking to 300.  Cynwise has a great guide here to powerleveling cooking during this holiday and it’s well worth a look.

Major let down.  Sure, the invasions in the cities are kinda cool…but a low pop server never gets Stormwind finished…  I think it’s been three or four days since we had access to those instances.  The questlines were good money and XP but relatively unimaginative.  Still waiting for the mind blowing Blizz…  And the bugs don’t help.

Is coming.  I’m actually excited about it…  I’ll be able to do more, see more, etc.

Random Meaningless Update

Or another alt update… or something.

My mage has reached level 73 – yay! She’ll be 80 within a week I expect, depending on how much I care about grinding her and how much I PVP and whatnot for the experience.

When I finish leveling her, I’ll be focusing on the warrior next… and achievements for all my toons. As I said, a little every day and I’ll be there in short order.

Todays accomplishments:
1. Outland and/or Northrend Gourmet on several toons.
2. Got the mage another outland daily recipe and finished up Borean Tundra and started Dragonblight. She also picked up all the emotion food recipes, which I was surprised getting 3 back to back to back almost.
3. I did finally finish Classic Dungeonmaster on my shaman the other day… just have Dire Maul for the priest and then the achieve to grind for both mage and warrior.
4. I find myself more and more considering my toons and their backstory… and even talking it out a bit more with a friend. Don’t be surprised it you see a post related to my thoughts in the near future.
5. Caught my mage’s mining up so I can mine current level stuff… so I don’t have to go back later and worry with it.

The Alt Update:

First of all, my pally tank alt got in a guild Ony10 run last night.  I was kind of surprised they wanted us and I honestly didn’t feel like raiding but it was a LOT of fun!  The paladin def helm dropped and they gave it to me!  Totally not expecting that at all.  I was… well squeeing would be the best word to use lol.

Still need Classic Dungeonmaster on my shaman and priest [and upcoming mage and warrior as well].

Explored the Eastern Kingdoms on my paladin and outland on my rogue; and got the World Explorer title and achieve on my hunter.  Still got a lot to do with this for all my toons, but a little at a time is what I’m aiming for.  I should have plenty of time before Cataclysm.

Let’s see…  I’m working on collecting cooking recipes I missed/skipped on my alts right now.  I’m only a few recipes short on my priest, shaman and  mage [excluding the cooking daily only recipes of course – those add a few more].

I hit level 70 on my mage [yes already].  The battleground experience she gets is pretty insane.  I honestly haven’t worked on my warrior much of late, but eh, I’ll get him leveled eventually.

Cooking: Not a Waste of Time.

I have 8 level 80s. All of them have Northrend level cooking. Only my main is maxed [not going to that trouble right away]. People boggle that I’d bother to level cooking because it’s “hard”.

1. I tend to save the mats as I’m questing on lowbie alts and send them to a banking alt [a cooking bag would make this sooo much easier].

2. Most of the low level mats are NOT that expensive or hard to get.

3. Do I do the Dalaran cooking quest every day? NO. But should I ever need a supply of spices, it’d be very easy to get as much as I need with the small supply of cooking awards most of my toons have.

Cooking is very worthwhile to level to Northrend level BECAUSE it’s not too hard, especially now. And if nothing else, you could buy spices and sell them and make a small profit.