Mounts x6

I had a really productive week with mounts.  I had decided after finally attaining Ji-Kun, that I would work on the Hatchling mounts next [the questline you get from the little orphaned pets in the Warden quest Swarm areas.  After a few days of completing the quests on Askevar, I discovered that I could do more quests if I accepted them on level 110 alts!  So I pushed that for a few days and lo and behold, I now have four additional mounts

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2 Mount Kind of Day

So I got two mounts today… And these days getting one mount is a big deal.


Well, I was up very late grinding out the last few coins for the fishing mount from Nat Pagle.  I finally got it.  But I was mumbling how evil the water was when it took nearly 15 minutes to get the very last coin I needed.  You can read my insanity on twitter covering it lol.

Crimson Water Strider

I started 23 coins short so that’s not too bad.  I know it’s a recolor but it gets me one closer to my goal of 300…  Hubby said it looks like an evil version of the water strider and I suppose it does…

After I woke up, I decided to do a few Vortex Pinnacle runs since it’s one of the mounts I’m still missing.  I read a little bit on Wowhead and they advised using a hunter/rogue/feral druid just for ease of stealthing through mobs/speed.  Monk probably would have worked too as you can just run by most of the mobs, but I went with the hunter and camo’d to the first boss, killed it and just ran to the second.  Four or five attempts later, the boss had a purple on it.


Yes, it says 11 attempts there [that’s the Rarity addon – it shows attempts/faux achievements.  But that’s a toon I don’t really play much and they had 6-7 attempts when I started.  Askevar’s been through that place quite a bit more.  So while it seems lucky, I probably have well over 100 attempts on that boss accountwide… and the Rarity addon is a relatively new thing… no idea if it’s counting runs from before either.

But that leaves me 3 mounts shy of the 300 goal.  I still need the 5k saberstalker mount… which is a grind I don’t look forward to, the Champion’s Treadblade, and the Mystic Runesaber among others.  And there’s my weekly Elegon/Horridon runs that haven’t yielded anything yet.

Death Knight Appreciation Week

So apparently I missed the memo on the proposed Alt Appreciation Weeks but hey, I’m glad i didn’t miss a week!  I have alts of every class but probably the most DK alts.  Yeah, my main is a death knight too.  And they all have blood specs.  Some have dps specs too but all of them have blood specs.

Why death knights?  I don’t know.  They just feel right to me.  I’ve heard the claim that dks are boring because you only spam death strike but that’s really an oversimplification.  And I’ve also heard it’s too hard.  Personally I enjoy the synergy I have with my husband’s paladin.  And maybe that’s really the difference for me there.

Anyway, here’s Askevar in her “Lich Queen” outfit.  Most of my death knights are mogged similarly as I like the outfit and unlike many others seems to suit them.

[CUT for many images below]

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Wherein I Refuse to PVP Flag and I Don’t Feel Bad About Leaving Comrades Who Did to Die…

Last night we went Warbringer hunting… four people from our guild :P.  Ven had crashed and I totally got sucked into it…  but we did get two mount drops over the course of the night…  I just didn’t get one 😛  Yet.


Anywho, favorite part of the night… we end up waiting at a Warbringer spawn with another ally group and at least one horde group.  Randomly, the horde group PVP flags.  The other ally group then begins to do battle with them and eventually the ally group gets stomped.

Warbringer spawns, horde has the tag… and they’re still flagged.  I figure that they’ll probably be toast, so I put an icy touch on the mob and watch and wait while the other ally group and the rest of my group goes to town on the horde.  Horde dies.  Big shock.  Not sure why you would PVP flag while hunting these mounts… just sounds like a bad idea to me [of course I believe that PVP flagging ever is not a good thing].  Next thing I know, the warbringer runs over and says “HAI!  I like you now!” and I realize that we have the tag.

Everyone else is still battling each other like crazy… but the tag was ours and since I wouldn’t PVP flag… well… they couldn’t exactly kill me.  Did I mention we’d been running without a healer on the warbringer hunting?  And I instructed the rest of my group to not heal me [windwalker monk, feral druid, dps warrior].

So we got it… all because I refuse to PVP flag.

For once I didn’t feel too bad about leaving comrades to die who chose to PVP flag.

It is Done.



Yup, I finally managed to finish out Shadowmourne after what, three years?  I remember doing the infusions at level… well 2 of them at least.


I honestly don’t have a lot to say, other than that I appreciate the members of both my current guild – Band of Misfits and my old guild on Thorium Brotherhood – Wrath and Retribution, for banding together to help me finish it.  Almost everyone has their metas finished, with only a couple people who couldn’t attend regularly missing a few things.


Oh, here’s me in the tabard, glowing:


RNG Treats Me Right

It’s been a good few days…  I seem to have the luck this weekend!

Friday night we did a bunch of Molten Core runs to try and get me the Harbinger of Flame pet from the Sulfuron Harbinger.  Venoym’s alt went in and got it, after about 10 of my toons had gone through with no luck.

Saturday morning, before leaving for the day, I finished the apprentice questline and got “I am the Master Now”.  Saturday night we did LFR and I got the item I’ve been wanting for weeks… the sword off Elegon.  I still need to get the Sha Touched Weapon, but that’ll come eventually [I hope].

Because I got the weapon, I got Mystically Epic

Mystically Epic!

Now there are only a couple things I need in LFR.

On a whim, I got into the bidding war for the Blood Soaked Invitations and to my shock, won one.  It’s going to put off getting my first JC mount for about a month [based on personal gold totals I want to maintain] but I felt like it was worth it and I joined BigBearButt in fighting and cheering on the competitiors.  I made Rank 4 in the Brawler’s guild today :D.  Rank 7 is going to take a LOT of work… and figuring out how to dps as a frost death knight.

Oh, as Bear says in his post, Venoym and I have joined his guild, along with a few friends of ours.

I retrieve my invitation, in total shock. The Orc there cheered at me when I got the achievement!
Bear cheers me on while I fight a bad guy!

This afternoon, while Ven, LittleVen and a friend were grilling burgers and hot dogs, I saw an advertisement for a Darkmoon Rabbit raid, which I almost passed on as it was almost lunch time.  I’m sure glad I didn’t.

I WON IT!  Darkmoon Rabbit!
I WON IT! Darkmoon Rabbit!