3.2.2 is Upon us! What does that mean for a Frost DK tank?

We’re getting some buffs!!!

* Threat of Thassarian now also causes Rune Strike to use both weapons when dual-wielding.
* Unbreakable Armor: Cooldown reduced to 1 minute and changed back to granting 25% additional armor while active instead of flat damage reduction based on armor. The amount of strength granted has been reduced to 10%.

[Frost Presence]: The damage reduction granted by this ability has been increased from 5% to 8%.

Ultimately, we’re going to be hardier and it appears dual wield tanking will be made viable!  I’m very excited about this!  There is also a nerf to pally threat, which while it will make our job as MT or OT easier in some regards, it’ll have a larger impact on the raid.  Your best geared, highest level dpsers who can already touch explosive tank’s threat will have to watch their burst damage and threat even more closely and perhaps hold back even more.


Life is a process and so is leveling/gearing/playing a toon.

Welcome to my blog!  Got the bug to start one after seeing so many great ones online.  Anywho, I am a WoW altoholic who does define a main toon [aka the toon that gets all the special stuff and attention].  My main is my death knight tank – frost spec.  I started her off as an alt right when Lich King hit.  Continue reading “Howdy!”