From Death Knight to Jedi Knight

Well… we’ve been in a few days now ūüôā ¬†We got in the second day of early access, in fact [yeah we pre-ordered pretty early on]. ¬†It’s intense, but it’s been fabulous!

A bunch of old faces are around – Inq, Kanrad, Mikhaill and Khaella – all of whom follow this blog and most have commented before. ¬†Of course, hubby and I are playing. ¬†We’ve also picked up some of Kanrad’s real life co-workers. ¬†We’re in a guild called “The Nerf Herders”. ¬†I know, it’s probably one of the more overused guild names… we’ve seen at least 2 other variations on our server already. ¬†But we settled on it and we like it ūüôā ¬†We’re on Shadow Hand – one of the more popular PVE servers, apparently. ¬†For the last couple of nights we’ve had to wait in 30 minute queue times to get in. ¬†So we start up the game early and either play WoW, or do something else while it sits in queue.

We hit level 10 that first night, got to 12 the second evening and have been steadily working and we’re now sitting at level 18, with our own starships already ūüôā ¬†I’ve got a couple of alts in the level 10-11ish range [getting to level 10 is easy once you know the basics… past that is more time consuming. ¬†The altoholic I am, I already have one of each class rolled on our server, though most are still in the level 1-3 range.

But here is my main on SWTOR – Askevar, the Jedi Knight. ¬†She did take the guardian tree [the one capable of tanking]. ¬†The most frustrating part at the moment is learning to keep threat… ¬†it’s like starting all over again. ¬†The main problem is that at low levels you have very little in the way of a method of keeping threat. ¬†I did finally get a “presence” and a taunt… so it’s getting better. ¬†We’ve done a couple flashpoints with guildies and some heroic 2s and 4s… so it’s just going to take time there.

On a further note, we are still not planning to quit WoW. ¬†We did buy the access pass and such and are still raiding on our mains. ¬†We’ll just have to see how multi-gaming works for us.

Regrinding Guild Reputation

Regrinding guild rep doesn’t seem quite as onerous as people think, unless you just hate dailies [and I know some people are of that mind and hey, it’s cool – we all gotta play our own ways!]. ¬†But there are a number of ways to regain guild reputation. ¬†In fact, you can easily be exalted with your new guild in about 4-5 weeks, more if you’re more casual about raids/dailies. ¬†Either of the BOA tabards will enhance rep gained per boss/instance/daily. ¬†You can either bring it with you or gain it at Friendly [blue tabard for 50% gains] or Honored [purple tabard for 100% rep gains].

1. Raids – Guild raids give quite a bit of rep. ¬†Hubby and I have been attending our new guild’s farm night where they blaze through T11 raids. ¬†Alts are welcome, but we’ve honestly been glad to just play our mains and gain the Valor points and Guild rep that comes with it.

2. Guild Dungeons. ¬†Five mans with three or more guildies will give Guild Rep [more with more guildies]. ¬†We’ve managed to catch a few of these as well and it’s been really profitable reputation-wise.

3. Daily Quests – While one might think that the Molten Front dailies would be ideal, most of the dailies actually inside the Molten Front are unaffected by the Guild Tabards. ¬†So while the outside quests do provide double rep with the tabard, and are worth doing, I’d skip the inside ones unless you aren’t finished opening everything up. ¬†The Tol Barad quests are actually very good for guild rep as all of them become double rep with the tabard.

EDIT: Apparently zoning into the Molten Front deactivates the tabard and if you remove it and re-equip it, the tabard gains will work appropriately.

State of the Toons:

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted so I thought I’d give a “state of the toons” post. ¬†I have a few other posts in mind and some of those should get developed soon ūüôā

My Main
Askevar – I’ve been busy. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Hubby and I actually ended up changing servers and now we’re on Azuremyst in Eff the Ineffable. ¬†Askevar’s been capping her VP most weeks, or near enough and she only needs two more pieces of VP gear for mainset. ¬†She’s tanked in Firelands once and is scheduled to go again tonight. ¬†We also managed our Defender of the Shattered World titles. ¬†We’ve gotten to see downings of Shannox and Beth’tilac as well as the Effer’s first Baleroc downing! ¬†I’m currently working on all the new Loremaster achievements and edging toward hubby’s 11k achievement points :P. ¬†I’m 6 pets shy of having 150 – so I really need to get on that too!

Toon Army
Askalaphos, Alika, Allixie, and Arica [now Aricaa] all came to Azuremyst as well. ¬† Alika and Allixie are still my primary alts and Askalaphos and Aricaa I enjoy playing on occasion but want mostly for their professions. ¬†Hubby also insisted I xfer my mage, Aulao, ¬†to our third account for free ports yo. ¬†Most of the rest of my toon army have gone into what I call “semi-retirement” on Thorium Brotherhood.

New Alts
To be honest, I’m playing less and getting more done, or at least that’s how it feels. ¬†We raid – we’ve done t11, t12 and also some retro stuff in the last few weeks and hubby and I are leveling a couple new toons each. ¬†I’m leveling a resto druid which is paired with this fourth pally on this server and I’m also trying to catch up a new shaman to his rogue [he’s leveling that to help with the insane title]. ¬†So in the evenings we often run a random or two on either those or our mains for VP.

Thorium Brotherhood
While I said truthfully that most of my Thorium toons have gone into some semi-retirement state, I did roll another Askevar death knight over there, named Askevar [but who I’ll dub Askevar3] who is already level 60. ¬†And I also got a level on my resto druid over there – Poem [mostly because waiting for hubby on the other druid is a pain at time :P].

Argent Dawn
I still log onto Holykau over on AD – very occasionally. ¬†I got invited by a guild group in that horde guild to do a ZA run and then got ditched after the second boss when one of them apparently didn’t get the item the wanted, so I’ve honestly had less time for that guild due to that rude behavior – Kau has always had better luck pugging than guild groups. ¬†I’ve actually started working on the AD disc priest a little more ally side. ¬†She was stuck at level 80 for months and months… well, really since Cata hit. ¬†She’s now 83 and I’m catching a random on her once a day or every other day rather than questing, so she’ll eventually hit 85. ¬†Askevar2 will probably be sitting till Brewfest hits and we have that holiday dungeon to hit.

That’s pretty much it. ¬†Life is good, both in and out of game ūüôā

Fishing Tournament Winners:

First each category of fish:  These each won an Argent Tournament pet of your choice РPlease get with Mo about what pet you want!

Algaefin Rockfish – Tarii [408]
Highland Guppy – Ethellinn [280]
Fathom Eel – Zannt [794]
Blackbelly Mudfish – Hadis [1004]
Mountain Trout – Khaella [260]
Albino Cavefish – Tarii [155]

Now for our grand prize –
First place – Zannt with a total of 1482 fish;
Second place – Hadis with a total of 1204 fish;
Third place – Tarii with a total of 1163 fish

Nice work all!

Weekend Fishing Tournament!


Help us by getting the Seafood Magnifique Feast!

Our 5 man runs and raids could use the exceptional food buffs!
Contest rules:
*The contest starts Saturday Morning (6/11) and ends at the end of the raid Sunday evening (6/12)!
*No buying fish from the auction house!
*Each fish caught will be awarded a 1 gold bounty up to 1000 gold per player (not per toon!)
*All fish¬†must be sent to Odyyn¬†(Our current Guild Leader)¬†in as few mailings as possible starting Saturday morning and ending by Sunday’s 25 man raid.
*It’s for fun and a guild achievement! So fish early and often!
*The List of Fish will be posted Friday evening around 10 PM server.
*Each of the Six Category winners, in addition to the 1 gold per fish, will receive the Alliance Argent Crusade pet of their choice!
Overall Fishing Awards
*First place winner, in addition to the 1 gold per fish, will receive the guild lion mount or the Alliance and Horde new Enchanting pets.
*Second place  winner, in addition to the 1 gold per fish, will receive the Alliance and Horde new Enchanting pets.
*Third Place , in addition to the 1 gold per fish, will receive the Alliance new Enchanting pet.
NOTE: Gold per fish will only be given for specified fish! ¬†The fish we’re looking for and paying for will be announced Friday.


I love my guild – truly. ¬†I’ve been a member of WaR for more than four years… which is quite a while in Game Time. ¬†A couple of significant things happened today.

First of all, we got the Stay Classy guild achievement – which is one of every race/class combo at 85 and honored with the guild. ¬†The last one we needed was a dwarf priest and since I’m good at leveling and leveling priests, it only seemed natural to fill that hole. ¬†Her name? ¬† Dedication. ¬†I haven’t exactly enjoyed the leveling process on her – it’s been a royal pain in the butt to be honest. ¬†She leveled disc, like my two other priests but she’s been out of rested since Level 40. ¬†Yikes. ¬†But now it’s done. ¬†And while I want to swear I’ll never level another toon, I know I will.

The second thing… our GM has been a bit absent due to real life… he passed the GM title over to one of my alts so that we can get stuff done without having to yell at him over facebook. ¬†I figure it won’t change much for me – except allow me to overhaul the bank like I’ve been wanting to do for a year :P. ¬†Hubby and I are a team, so we’ll handle stuff together [and he’ll handle the stuff I don’t want to – promotions, recruitment with our other recruitment officers and the like].

Anyway, we shall see how things go.

Applying for a Guild Using “Looking for Guild”

Since the looking for guild tool was put into the game, I’ve watched our recruitment officers deal with using it. ¬†It can be very beneficial in some respects but it comes with it’s own set of aggravations. ¬†Here are some tips for easing that aggravation off recruitment officers.

1. Put a Note – One of the biggest gripes of our two recruitment officers is that some level 1-9 or 55-58 dk will put in an application and put absolutely no note or just a one line “can I join ur guild?”. ¬†We’re a level 25, casual, family friendly guild. ¬†Our guild is rightfully somewhat protective of itself and therefore these applications are likely to be declined without thought – especially if the applicant isn’t online.

2. Be Online at some point. ¬†Our recruitment officers are on quite a bit – one only in the evenings and the other afternoon/evenings. ¬†Despite the fact that I don’t and won’t do recruitment, I also check the names on the list in the mornings when I log in [I have a toon with invite privileges strictly for guildie alts to be invited]. ¬†Anyway, many of these people are NEVER on. ¬†It’s like they create a new toon and forget [see number 1] or they are so rarely on that our officers can’t catch them to invite them. ¬†We have 9 applications currently – two are guildie alts whom we haven’t caught online and one other has been in contact and is considering several guilds. ¬†The other 6 just seem to be MIA.

3. We list in the guild finder what kind of people we’re looking for. ¬†If you don’t fit the bill, don’t apply. ¬†We don’t just blindly accept all applications.

4. If you’re a current guild member trying to get an alt in, don’t use ‘Looking for Guild’, just ask when people are on who can invite.

5. When our recruitment officers contact you to talk to you about an invite, be prepared to engage them in a little conversation. ¬†It’s nothing too deep of course, but they simply want to get a feel for how you might fit into our guild.

6. Don’t stand in the fire.

What pet peeves do other recruitment officers have about this new system?

Reference List for WaR Members

Classy Toons Needed and status of their progression

I’ll update this post as we get some of them and people either advance or drop their projects.

Human Hunter – level 85 just need honored

Nelf Rogue – level 85 just need honored
Nelf DK – 4 Toons in progress to complete achieve all 80 + –¬†
Nelf Mage – level 85 just not honored yet

Gnome Warlock – Several 85s – just no honored
Gnome DK – Faction Change to be done, already 85/honored.
Gnome Priest – Toon being leveled [level 84] – already honored

Dwarf Hunter – A couple level 80 ones in guild and an 85 – not honored yet
Dwarf Rogue – Level 85 but not honored yet
Dwarf Mage – Toon being leveled [level 80]
Dwarf Priest – New toon created [level 35/23]
Dwarf DK – Faction change done [toon is level 84 and being leveled]

Draenei  Priest РOne at 85, needs honored
Draenei DK – Faction Change being done [toon is 85]

Worgen Warlock – level 1 created for this purpose – will be a bit before leveled. – level 25 now
Worgen DK – one at 84


We actually made quite a bit of progress.¬† We’d only gotten Marrowgar down once before, and we took Christmas off of course.¬† The leader of the other group came with us this week [one of our regulars was out] so she could get a look at the fight.¬† We managed to down Marrowgar, then Lady Deathwhisper [skin of our teeth] and 2 shot the gunship battle.¬† So our team is quite stoked about all the rewards.¬† We’ve been working together for a while so we’re gelling quite well.

Hubby got the tanking sword off Marrowgar, and I scored the defense chestpiece off of Deathwhisper.¬† I don’t think anyone got two pieces and none were sharded, so it was an amazingly even distribution.¬† Hopefully something will drop for the other people next week and we’ll get the second guild team to Marrowgar at least and it can only get better from there ūüėÄ