The Nasty Rumor Mill

Well it’s been a bit since our guild has had to contend with a rumor mill… but it’s reared it’s ugly head again.  I hate it, but it’s a part of life I suppose.  People love to talk and love to talk about other people.  It’s an old tired manipulation game that isn’t going to work any better this time than it did the last 15-20 times.  In fact, I’d speculate that the guild will be a lot less tolerant of it because of our history, at least those of us that have been there before.

We’ve been through worse times… this guild has had it’s share of ups and down in my 4 year history with them.  Yup, you read that right, I’ve been in this guild for four years…  The guild itself is about 4.5 years old and several of the signature members are still around too.  Despite any issues we have had, any problems we’ve been through, we’ve made it work and sorted it out.  We’ve lost members [spawned at least 3 other guilds because people wanted something different] gained members, and yet, we’re still here, doing our best to down 10 AND 25 man content!  Talk about an achievement!

Do yourself and your guild a favor if you start to hear rumors – go to the person who can answer the question.  Whether it be supposed “secret ToC runs” or supposed massive changes to 25 mans to exclude guildies, or supposed satanic rituals, go the person who can clear it up for you if you are really concerned it may be an issue.  If it sounds dumb, it may very well be a consequence of the telephone syndrome or the rumor mill or even simple misunderstanding.  Don’t support the rumor mill and spread it about – because that does a lot more damage to the guild than a raiding slump.

So here’s a cheer and shout out to my guild, for overcoming the obstacles that have taken out other guilds.  Let’s keep doing what we do!

Some Random, Some Coming Attractions…

Random loot drama, alt achievements and such.

First of all, there was a loot issue in our raid this past weekend.  Up till now we never had issues with SuicideKings, even from out of guildies, because more often than not, they’d get something simply because all our people had it… you “pay your dues” into the system by going a week or two and you’re guaranteed to get something because eventually you’ll be number 1 on the list.  Anyway, suffice to say, what happened was one of the out of guildies attempted to exploit our loot system and guarantee his buddy got something, which didn’t work and he got all pissy and essentially said we should do /rolls because they’re more fair [they aren’t].  I ended up with the loot, and I LOVE the new sword, but I still feel pretty bad about the whole mess because I DON’T like loot drama.  At all.  I’ll probably do a post on this soon, when I feel more like discussing it.  Loot drama always makes me queasy, especially when it unwittingly involves me [and I did actually offer to pass on the item I NEEDED to keep the peace, but the loot master refused – and I do agree with him, simply because we need to keep the system uncompromised so it is fair].

And it didn’t help that a guildie is constantly worrying and fretting over me getting “his loot” on alt runs in kara, etc.  That only adds to the frustration.  Do I want to gear my alts?  Sure.  Do I NEED to?  No.  Am I going to feel obligated to pass everything to someone on an all guildie ALT run?  No – especially not when he walked out of there with 2 tier pieces [and in point of fact, I passed on several upgrades whose stats were not suitable to my mage – no mp5 tyvm].  Given enough time, they’ll all be geared well enough to do pug runs of most stuff, though I seriously doubt any of them will see Ulduar/ToC/Ony25 at all and few will see the 10 mans of those.

On the positive side, besides the Sharpened Obsidian Blade from Ony25, I also won a trophy in ToC25 [all instances have different SKG lists] and bought my dk the 9.5 tanking shoulders.  I still can keep the 8.5 set bonus which is awesome!  And I’ll be saving up for more 9.5 pieces.  The tier 9 set bonus won’t do me much good honestly, and the stats aren’t an upgrade [in fact they’d sit me below the hit cap if I just replace one piece].

I also finished Classic Dungeonmaster on Kintara [the priest] this morning.  And the warrior is now a proud level 26!  I’m bumming around today doing dailies in between chores and such.  I did do a few PVP achievements on my dk this morning… They do love having a tank in the battlegrounds I notice 😀