Wherein I Refuse to PVP Flag and I Don’t Feel Bad About Leaving Comrades Who Did to Die…

Last night we went Warbringer hunting… four people from our guild :P.  Ven had crashed and I totally got sucked into it…  but we did get two mount drops over the course of the night…  I just didn’t get one 😛  Yet.


Anywho, favorite part of the night… we end up waiting at a Warbringer spawn with another ally group and at least one horde group.  Randomly, the horde group PVP flags.  The other ally group then begins to do battle with them and eventually the ally group gets stomped.

Warbringer spawns, horde has the tag… and they’re still flagged.  I figure that they’ll probably be toast, so I put an icy touch on the mob and watch and wait while the other ally group and the rest of my group goes to town on the horde.  Horde dies.  Big shock.  Not sure why you would PVP flag while hunting these mounts… just sounds like a bad idea to me [of course I believe that PVP flagging ever is not a good thing].  Next thing I know, the warbringer runs over and says “HAI!  I like you now!” and I realize that we have the tag.

Everyone else is still battling each other like crazy… but the tag was ours and since I wouldn’t PVP flag… well… they couldn’t exactly kill me.  Did I mention we’d been running without a healer on the warbringer hunting?  And I instructed the rest of my group to not heal me [windwalker monk, feral druid, dps warrior].

So we got it… all because I refuse to PVP flag.

For once I didn’t feel too bad about leaving comrades to die who chose to PVP flag.

It is Done.



Yup, I finally managed to finish out Shadowmourne after what, three years?  I remember doing the infusions at level… well 2 of them at least.


I honestly don’t have a lot to say, other than that I appreciate the members of both my current guild – Band of Misfits and my old guild on Thorium Brotherhood – Wrath and Retribution, for banding together to help me finish it.  Almost everyone has their metas finished, with only a couple people who couldn’t attend regularly missing a few things.


Oh, here’s me in the tabard, glowing:


It was a GREAT night :)

So, Heroic Yor’sahj died.  Took us about 10 pulls last night I think?

I’ll grant that the buff was up another five percent, but we would have done it anyway.  We are the 20th guild on the server to down Heroic Yorsahj and the 18th to down him on 10 man.  I don’t usually get hung up on server rankings… as a casual guild you can’t really do that, but that’s freaking awesome!

We tried to follow a couple different strategies, but we ended up having to craft our own, pulling from several different guides on what oozes to hit.  Our hunter was having issues being up under the boss and dpsing… it kept telling him that his target wasn’t in front of him [silly glitches]; so we moved him to managing the mana voids and we were able to keep the rest of the dps off of it except when we needed to pop one.

Our healers were beastly.  Our pally healer micromanaged healing on purple phases to exquisite detail.  Our druid healer had everyone topped back off once the debuff was gone.  [Our priesty healer went shadow and was doing a great job with the rest of the deeps :)]

What Ven and I really loved was the fact that everyone had some input about one of the first couple of wipes… about problems they were having or foreseeing.  Ven took all that in, made a decision and everyone went with it.  It turned our 50% wipes immediately into 20% wipes :).  As raid leaders we can’t see every problem people or having, or how the healing is, so input is fantastic.  But when it comes time, Ven makes a decision and we do it 🙂  I’ve told him he’s crazy for ideas more than once.  However, I went with his decision only to find it worked.

The funniest thing about the kill?  Our guild vent died.  But the raid took that as a challenge rather than a detriment!  Venoym had gone dps, so he just marked himself and they followed him to the ooze he’d selected.  Everyone did their job to perfection!

To say we were jazzed after that would be an understatement.  We had already gotten H-Morchok, had a silly wipe on regular Zonozz and one shot Hagara, H-Ultraxion and boat.  The raid chatter got a little silly but hey… killing a new boss does that.

I actually need to do a post about my Heroic Ultraxion strategy as a death knight tank because I do a couple things that are completely counter-intuitive to being a tank [at least in my estimation] but I may do that later today.

I’m so proud of you guys!  FAN-TAS-TIC job!


Yay for Multishot 🙂



We killed 8/8 tonight in 3 hours!  WOOT!  What a Valentine’s present to ourselves!

Group Makeup:
Tanks: Paladin/Death Knight
Healers: Paladin/Druid/Holy Priest
DPS: Paladin/Rogue/Hunter/Mage/Priest


Gratz guys and fantastic job!  Go Firestorm!

Interesting Times…

I logged on yesterday to my one level 85 horde toon – a holy pally… a holy cow to be exact, named Holykau!  I didn’t have any notion to level anything or really to do much as hubby and I will be moving servers shortly [but that story for another entry] so I figured I’d just chance a heroic on my tauren pally.  Her gearing is decent, but most of the healing gear she keeps picking up lacks spirit…  [I know, right?].  Anywho, I got into a really stupid Grim Batol run and after I was kicked, I got asked if I wanted to come to an ICC retro run.

My son was down for his nap, and I rather enjoy doing ICC achievements, so I said yes and got an invite.  The horde guild I’m in was teaming up with another horde guild to get things done.  We managed most of the fights on heroic mode, save Putricide and Lich King, but we got the achievements off those two [Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion and Been Waiting a Long time for This] and many achievements off the others.

The Lich King fight was a bit of a heartstopper.  Not everyone had logged into vent and no one was explaining the fights in text…  The first defile covered the entire platform… We had to move onto the throne ramp to survive and dodge a defile there!

Epic recovery though and to my chagrin, my inner raid leader stepped up and was calling things, since no one else would *sighs*.  But we did it – we one shot it, with some massive mess ups…

But the most exciting part of the night was that right as we were waiting for the post 10% RP to happen on LK,  hubby told me that the Tues/Wed raid group was asking for us to come give them a hand with Nefarian as they had two people out.  [The RP on the LK fight never took that long before, I swear!].

I still cannot stop laughing every time someone in my horde pally’s guild calls me “bro”, “dude” or “man”.

Anywho, I finished up, hopped over and despite hubby and I not having really done much with the fight, we managed to one shot Nefarian, then moved on to Bastion and downed Halfus and V/T.  Only had time for one shot at the council – which most of that group has not yet seen, so eh.

A full night of raiding… that I haven’t had in quite some time lol.

Fishing Tournament Winners:

First each category of fish:  These each won an Argent Tournament pet of your choice – Please get with Mo about what pet you want!

Algaefin Rockfish – Tarii [408]
Highland Guppy – Ethellinn [280]
Fathom Eel – Zannt [794]
Blackbelly Mudfish – Hadis [1004]
Mountain Trout – Khaella [260]
Albino Cavefish – Tarii [155]

Now for our grand prize –
First place – Zannt with a total of 1482 fish;
Second place – Hadis with a total of 1204 fish;
Third place – Tarii with a total of 1163 fish

Nice work all!

Weekend Fishing Tournament!


Help us by getting the Seafood Magnifique Feast!

Our 5 man runs and raids could use the exceptional food buffs!
Contest rules:
*The contest starts Saturday Morning (6/11) and ends at the end of the raid Sunday evening (6/12)!
*No buying fish from the auction house!
*Each fish caught will be awarded a 1 gold bounty up to 1000 gold per player (not per toon!)
*All fish must be sent to Odyyn (Our current Guild Leader) in as few mailings as possible starting Saturday morning and ending by Sunday’s 25 man raid.
*It’s for fun and a guild achievement! So fish early and often!
*The List of Fish will be posted Friday evening around 10 PM server.
*Each of the Six Category winners, in addition to the 1 gold per fish, will receive the Alliance Argent Crusade pet of their choice!
Overall Fishing Awards
*First place winner, in addition to the 1 gold per fish, will receive the guild lion mount or the Alliance and Horde new Enchanting pets.
*Second place  winner, in addition to the 1 gold per fish, will receive the Alliance and Horde new Enchanting pets.
*Third Place , in addition to the 1 gold per fish, will receive the Alliance new Enchanting pet.
NOTE: Gold per fish will only be given for specified fish!  The fish we’re looking for and paying for will be announced Friday.