Many Random Things…

Had a few interesting things go on this week.

First off, we got the Lich King down to 30%.  We’re making progress every week and we can all taste it so badly it’s not funny.  Right now the second transition phase throws us off balance.  And whoever gets taken into the sword seems to just die.  It can be frustrating wiping for a few hours but it’s also exciting… because we’re working on the end boss of an expansion for the first time!  We have been scheduling a second night when we can manage but it’s dependent on everyone showing [I’m not going to replace someone and cheat them out of a LK kill].

The change to the raid ids seemingly killed our 25 man but several people are showing interest in doing an alt version.  Hubby and I don’t have time [or more likely energy] to wrangle a whole new set of toons together, but we’ll see how it turns out.  Worst case, we may have enough alts to do another temporary ten man on Saturdays.

I have been leveling a lowbie disc priest again.  [Wow is anything not OP at low levels right now?].  It’s been fun and mostly drama-free.  It did become a little frustrating hitting SM- Graveyard because the tank never seems to be willing to leave combat… and that can be rough on the mana regen.  In fact, one group wiped because I simply ran completely out of mana, despite me saying OOM a couple times.  Naturally, it was my fault.

The only other drama I had was in SM-Library – a boe tanking shield dropped.  The tank, naturally, needed on it – as did the druid and lock in the party.  I took a notion/chance and needed on it myself, won it and then traded it to the tank – which wasn’t a popular move with most of the party, but the tank appreciated it and equipped that thing immediately.

At the beginning of Hallow’s End, I had 5 toons that needed either the squashling, the helm or both to complete their violet protodrake.  Thanks to some lucky trick or treating [none was completed via the HH daily], I have finished four of the five of them now.  Only my pally remains incomplete… so I shall be working to get that for her.  I will be helping hubby as well.  One of his toons is short by toothpicks of all things…  And a couple more need the helm.  So I’ll be hitting those to trick or treat some during the day for him.

My shaman and Askevar2 have both gotten the horseman’s mount.  My mage has snagged it as well – twice.

Tanking on my DK is feeling better and better – probably as I get more practice :P.  Rune regeneration isn’t a problem any longer [annoyance if that].  I am probably going to swap my paladin’s main spec to ret and her offspec to prot…  I no longer enjoy pally tanking.  If anyone thought DK rune regeneration was bad… go try pally tanking…  Sitting there and WAITING forever for abilities to come up so you can have something to do and praying you hold aggro is annoying.  I have yet to really test druid or warrior tanking.

is bad mkay?  See this and a few other most recent posts on treebarkjacket.

BBB has a great post musing on the expectations we had for the quality of 4.01.  Though he got a troll or two [what blogger doesn’t occasionally?] the discussions and concerns raised in the post and the comments are worth reading.

Don’t miss Bee Pit Bingo over at Murloc Parliament.  Given that I’ve got a lowbie toon again, I might have to make more bee pit jokes…

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I also wanted to put forth Looking for More’s suggestion for November activities if you’re bored with WoW.  Nanowrimo is definitely fun and worthwhile!  I’ve participated in it several years myself and it’s fun.

Ding Dong, the Witch is DEAD!

A picture is worth 1000 words.  Here’s 3 pictures.

Facing off the evil jerk who made me into a death knight…

Sindy Kill Shot

“The Wrecking Crew” at Lich King…

We round out the night with an OS3D kill and got someone a nice new shiny mount.

Epic night of epicness!


ETA: BTW, Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” is great to listen to whilst fighting Sindy

Shoutouts Yo!

Just wanted to give a shout out to my fellow ThoBro bloggers!

First, I must squee and say hi to my best friend in RL, Endyme over at [Un]holy Randomness

Then I must wave and squee at Jana from I Love Pancakes and Leafie at Leafhead!  It was so much fun running with you guys this evening!  I actually squee-d out loud!

And I must mention taintedsouls over at The Cathedral of Tainted Souls!  We must raid together eventually!

And, oh yeah, my GM has a blog too – Inquatitis’ Blog

3rd Anniversary!

Today is my hubby’s and my third anniversary!  Hooray!  It seems hardly possible that we’ve only been married such a short time!  Anywho, 2 years ago on our 1 year anniversary, we did an RP wedding

Here’s a screenshot we took from that 😀


Here’s a couple pics of our toons today [I did swap mains].


And since dks just look… strange in a dress, here’s us both in full tanking regalia!

We Beat the Odds!

After a disatrous raiding weekend last week [we literally only got Flame Levi down – the weekly on Saturday and slogged through ToC25 on Sunday], we came back with a vengeance this week.  One shot of every boss in ICC25 first wing – Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Gunship, Saurfang… and even the frost giant weekly!!!  So I’m just going to write off last weekend as a fluke…  Every guild has their down weeks and such.

This weekend however, we were down several of our main healing crew and had to bring in an alt, an offspec and a pug healer [who were all awesome].  So, to one shot it all…  Just wow…  Healing, which has occasionally been a weakness seemed more solid than ever.  DPS was out of this world!  Tanking was great! 

I will say though, it may have something to do with being a guild and a family…  My co-treasurer was hacked yesterday – early morning and predictably, they took most of our Guild vault.  They also appear to have deleted her toon and slapped an authenticator on her account.  Needless to say, we’ll get it all back, we’re more concerned about her account – because it could take a while to sort it all out.  We don’t rely on the guild vault much for day to day function… pretty much sell donations to keep up our gold to cover raid repairs.  Several people donated enough gold to cover the guild for a bit, and our enchanters are offering their personal stockpiles of chanting mats, our alchemists have been even more generous with their flasks…  People are rising to the occasion and banding together… and despite the circumstances, it’s a lovely thing to see, I must admit.  All guilds have drama come to them, or within them… it’s how we handle it and how we deal with it that matters.

One thing we also do after raids, is to have a debrief… what went wrong, what went right, whose performance is problematic and how we can help them and who has improved and really made an impression.  These usually devolve into regular conversation [we ended up talking about a tv show called Human Target last night… which is a rather good show!].  But anywho, on nights like last night we end up spending five minutes talking about how awesome everyone did!  We saw so much improvement in people…  Whether they were determined to avenge the hacking via boss kills, or just determined to kill stuff, I honestly don’t know 🙂

Anyway, well done WaR!  Well done!

The Guild That Blogs Together…

I’ve had the pleasure for a while at reading the entries from members of BoO… a guild with many that blog including their GM.  So, I’m now quite proud to introduce a couple of my blogging guildmates.

[Un]holy randomness – The blog of my best friend IRL, as well as fellow guildie.  She’s proud to play a holy pally and a facemelting DK and has made this blog to share her insights with us!  She literally JUST created the blog yesterday, but I’m so thrilled to have more guildies in the BLOG world!  SQUEE!!!!

Inquatitis’ Blog – Inq, also known by many other names, is Wrath and Ret’s GM.  He plays a DK tank/dps, Warlock, Hunter and even has a rogue hidden somewhere and a baby priest [though the idea of him healing has people shaking for some odd reason].  He’s quite opinionated, but it serves him and the guild well imho.


We actually made quite a bit of progress.  We’d only gotten Marrowgar down once before, and we took Christmas off of course.  The leader of the other group came with us this week [one of our regulars was out] so she could get a look at the fight.  We managed to down Marrowgar, then Lady Deathwhisper [skin of our teeth] and 2 shot the gunship battle.  So our team is quite stoked about all the rewards.  We’ve been working together for a while so we’re gelling quite well.

Hubby got the tanking sword off Marrowgar, and I scored the defense chestpiece off of Deathwhisper.  I don’t think anyone got two pieces and none were sharded, so it was an amazingly even distribution.  Hopefully something will drop for the other people next week and we’ll get the second guild team to Marrowgar at least and it can only get better from there 😀

Battered Hilt

Saw our first battered hilt drop on a run this evening.  Hubby won it, but since it doesn’t lead to a good tanking weapon, he passed it on to the second highest roll.  So many grats to our third hilt in the guild – Iris, who is one of our many wonderful raid healers and raid leaders!!!