Minecraft is wacky fun!

For Christmas, my husband and I got each other this new game we’d heard about – Minecraft.  As he described it’s basically a legos for adults type game.  You can build all kinds of things with all kinds of materials – wood, dirt, glass.  At night, evil monsters like zombies come out and you need to have shelter.  During the day, you can do what you please pretty much.

We’ve had a blast playing it – not just in single player mode, but on a server that one of our guildies has set up and more keep joining us.  It’s not that we’re giving up WoW, by any means – this is an entirely different game, one time payment, still in beta but it’s nice to hop onto after you’re done WoWing for the night, after a rough heroic or some such.

But anywho, I highly recommend checking it out!  There’s an online version to take a gander at if you want to see what it’s like.