Congrats to WaR!!!

Last night was an epicly awesome night of raiding! In fact, the whole weekend was rather good. Saturday night we killed Onyxia [25] and then the Northrend Beasts [25]. We started Sunday with a quick VoA25 – Koralon/Emalon/Archavon annihilation and then went on to kill Jaraxxus and then PWNED the Faction Champions on 25 man for the first time EVER! Everyone was on their toes and giving their all. We’re not a guild experienced in the art of PVP and most of us forget to use PVP talents in places like Wintergrasp, but I saw MUCH crowd control going on from our side! DKs were yanking the warlock when he started hellfiring, chains of ice, disarm from the rogue, cyclone, typhooning mobs away from the healers, strangulate, mind freeze, wind shear, totems totems everywhere! WOOT!

We got a couple good shots at the Val’kyr but it was running late so people were about ready to wind down and such, but since the guild did so well, we’ve elected to extend the ID for one week. We don’t usually do this when so many need gear from it, but we were buzzing with excitement and want to give ourselves a little more time to get a few shots at the later bosses.

Alt Usefulness: Stack the Proper Stats!

Being “just an alt” is not an excuse to suck.

Alts are great! Alts can be useful! But alts can’t disregard primary stats in favor of “the purpz”. I am not an alt expert, or an expert on every class, but I have one of every class and I know the hit cap for each class – and I pile on as much hit as possible to reach it. When my newly dinged mage alt has twice the hit of another mage who’s been 80 a while and is decked out in purples, that bothers me.

Alts will be “just a warm body” unless you actually take care to stack the appropriate stats. I won’t claim that all of my alts are hit capped – because they aren’t. Some just can’t get gear with hit on it; some are simply in crafted gear. Heck, my mage doesn’t even have her stuff gemmed and enchanted – but she’s primarily for PVP and I have yet to even take her in a heroic.

Now, I will say, there are rare occasions where a person is missing an enchant/gem or three; or isn’t totally hit capped and can still pull 2.5k dps, which is completely acceptable for a lot of 10 mans right now and more than enough for heroics. But seriously people, don’t forget KEY stats on your alts for the sake of purpz, and then expect to bring them to a raid. If we need the role that badly, yes, you may get to come, but we’re in all likelihood, effectively 9 manning it, rather than 10 manning. No, your alt won’t get precedence over a main’s main spec at least, but you can get at least close to most stats via heroics and badge gear.

Being “just an alt” is not an excuse to suck.

And I thought Sunwell was supposed to be hard?

Tonight since our raid broke up early [we had a lot of people not feeling good] a few of us [14 to start with] ended up tackling Sunwell.  I think we eventually ended up with 18 total in the raid.

We had several wipes, but that was mainly because we’d never seen the content and had no clue about the dances.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Felmyst was the most problematic and Kil’jadean also caused us a few wipes but for the most part it was smooth sailing.  Felmyst MCing the entire raid and killing us was admittedly… hysterical 😛  And the screams of “Kill X, they’re MC’d!” were equally funny.

Maybe it’s just because the instance was overhyped or maybe we were too tired/silly to care or maybe we had some dancing shoes on, but it honestly wasn’t as bad as we’d been led to believe [though I am certain it was back in the day on the level].
***In another happy note – my mage hit 80!!!!!  WOOT!  😀

Some Random, Some Coming Attractions…

Random loot drama, alt achievements and such.

First of all, there was a loot issue in our raid this past weekend.  Up till now we never had issues with SuicideKings, even from out of guildies, because more often than not, they’d get something simply because all our people had it… you “pay your dues” into the system by going a week or two and you’re guaranteed to get something because eventually you’ll be number 1 on the list.  Anyway, suffice to say, what happened was one of the out of guildies attempted to exploit our loot system and guarantee his buddy got something, which didn’t work and he got all pissy and essentially said we should do /rolls because they’re more fair [they aren’t].  I ended up with the loot, and I LOVE the new sword, but I still feel pretty bad about the whole mess because I DON’T like loot drama.  At all.  I’ll probably do a post on this soon, when I feel more like discussing it.  Loot drama always makes me queasy, especially when it unwittingly involves me [and I did actually offer to pass on the item I NEEDED to keep the peace, but the loot master refused – and I do agree with him, simply because we need to keep the system uncompromised so it is fair].

And it didn’t help that a guildie is constantly worrying and fretting over me getting “his loot” on alt runs in kara, etc.  That only adds to the frustration.  Do I want to gear my alts?  Sure.  Do I NEED to?  No.  Am I going to feel obligated to pass everything to someone on an all guildie ALT run?  No – especially not when he walked out of there with 2 tier pieces [and in point of fact, I passed on several upgrades whose stats were not suitable to my mage – no mp5 tyvm].  Given enough time, they’ll all be geared well enough to do pug runs of most stuff, though I seriously doubt any of them will see Ulduar/ToC/Ony25 at all and few will see the 10 mans of those.

On the positive side, besides the Sharpened Obsidian Blade from Ony25, I also won a trophy in ToC25 [all instances have different SKG lists] and bought my dk the 9.5 tanking shoulders.  I still can keep the 8.5 set bonus which is awesome!  And I’ll be saving up for more 9.5 pieces.  The tier 9 set bonus won’t do me much good honestly, and the stats aren’t an upgrade [in fact they’d sit me below the hit cap if I just replace one piece].

I also finished Classic Dungeonmaster on Kintara [the priest] this morning.  And the warrior is now a proud level 26!  I’m bumming around today doing dailies in between chores and such.  I did do a few PVP achievements on my dk this morning… They do love having a tank in the battlegrounds I notice 😀

Thou Shalt Be Kind to Thy Raid Leader

In the last few days, it’s become fairly obvious that 25 man progression raid leaders are rather rare [as are raid leaders in general].  I’ve seen and heard complaints about raid leaders here and there, and while some are jerks, I am quite sure, some are just trying to do what amounts to a thankless job that they’re doing because it needs to be done and often there is no one else to do it.

I have such an appreciation of what the raid leaders before us went through on a weekly basis :P.

In our guild, we’ve started an almost tradition of sending people cakes or cupcakes to celebrate various things [account restore, birthday, etc].  So take some time this week and send your raid leaders a sweet treat and thank them for the job they do.

And in that tone, I want to recognize the other raid leaders in our guild:
Venoym – the diplomat
Burrich – the  God Emperor
Lilquimo – ye ole GM
Kanrad – minus 50 dkp [thank goodness we don’t use dkp] 😛

With special hat tips to all the others who make it happen.

DW Tanking: Trial By Fire

Our raid group had a bit of trouble with Ulduar25 tonight – everyone has their off weeks.  We had a lot of new people coming in [which is GREAT but it does cause more problems of course, only natural].  We had a lot of trouble with Ignis.  On the final attempt, I swapped to dual wield to get more threat faster and it turns out, I’m even hardier in dual wield spec than 2h… I sacrifice about 2k health and gain 3k armor and some dodge and parry.

In summation, DW tanking is entirely and awesomely viable.

More later – AFTER the raid 😛

Dual Wield Tanking Test 1: Ulduar 10

Our ten man group ran Ony10, ToC10 [first 2 bosses] and then hit Ulduar.  Since our team only raids one night, we’ll be extending the Ulduar ID to give ourselves more time to work on it.  I didn’t want to risk gimping the raid with an untried spec in the new raids, but felt I could afford to skimp a little in Ulduar.

It went very well.  My threat was higher on average and I was still plenty hardy as well.  The healers had no issues at all.  I’m considering holding off until I can get the 1h gargoyle runes in the next patch because my current spec is solid.  I have higher avoidance, am handily capped expertise wise and hitwise, and higher health pool.  Even got a PINK AXE on Ony that no one else could really use.  It’s soooo pretty!

*In reality I wasn’t going into Ulduar blind – I knew the DW spec was viable.

Trial of the Champions – 10 man

We just defeated Anub’arak for the first time in ToC10 man.  We’re taking a gander at heroic-10 now.  I even got a 1 handed sword Westfall Saber for my dual wield dps set because we had no one else who could use it.

Cinch of the Undying and Vigilant Ward also dropped!

Our mage won the belt and one of shaman healers snagged the shield!  Gratz to all and good job!