What Would Make You Stay?

Over dinner the hubby and I had a discussion about a thread I’d found on the forums.  It was yet another thread complaining about tanks leaving LFR – presumably one of the reasons being that they’d already killed the later bosses in a section.


So I asked him “What would entice you to stay?”


His answer “Give me personally max determination on any bosses I’d already killed.  I could help the kill be assured and go faster.”


For me personally, short of having friends in the raid or an assured specific mount/pet/10k plus gold, I don’t really know what would.  But I thought that was a neat idea.


And this is all presuming that the ability to choose In Progress or Fresh raids is out given the LFR changes Blizzard made when people were queue fishing.


Would a max determination self buff make you stay for the last boss you’ve already killed?  What about wiping the slate clean and giving you another roll at loot off that boss if you remain?

A Tank Through and Through

So I queued up and zoned into a Terrace run earlier on my warlock… I’m attempting to get her geared enough to do the green fire questline.  Anyway, we get to Sha rather easily and the first tank is fine on Sha… and then the second tank won’t step in the light…

The first tank died once from reaching attacks… I rezzed him on the platform.

He died again.  Someone else rezzed him.

He died again.  Someone else rezzed him.

They finally convinced the other tank to stand in the light but we were out of battle rezzes.


I’m sitting there thinking that I absolutely do NOT feel like wiping, throw on Dark Apotheosis and step into the light when the other tank is crackled.  To my amazement… I didn’t die.  In fact, I tanked the boss until the other tank came back and stepped into the light… he then got crackled again.  So I tanked the last 50% of Sha of Fear on LFR… as a lock.  Props to the healers for the amazing heals 😀


That is Carlyn in tier 4… [which I got at level and was so proud of!  I couldn’t mog her in anything else :D]

The Latest Banhammer Kerfluffle

Because I like the word “kerfluffle” and wanted to use it.

Now I’m not a PVPer.  For the record, I dislike PVP.  However, because there are a number of achievements in that category, the hubby and I have been talking for a couple months now about starting some PVP and getting at least a few of those achievements.  We’ve even talked it around with some of our guildies.

Now that my perspective is clarified, here’s what I see.

Blizz: OMNOMNOM *banhammer falls*  All of those banned are guilty and there can be no doubt because we’ve investigated this thoroughly.

24 hours later

Blizz: Oops our bad… we banned people wrongly and innocent people who got queued into wintrading battlegrounds got banned.  We’ll restore their rating, gear and accounts by Tuesday.

Okay, so they banned and removed the gear and rating of innocent people…  Now, false positives happen and while I’m not an example in this case, the system has indeed locked my account before for no reason.  Nothing was taken… nothing was gone, but it still took a day of sitting on the phone to get it resolved and get my account working again.  That was a royal pain in the rear too as we had a raid that night and I spent the day not knowing whether I’d be able to help Ven lead the raid and what were they going to do missing a tank?

Blizzard is composed of humans – humans who make mistakes.  But it seems to me that if this was thought out as well as they seem to initially indicate, that more legwork should have been done to insure they minimize the false positives as it seems there were a number.

Granted it’s all speculation on my part, but the real fact is, whether the false positives were involved in PVE or PVP teams, them being banned can affect more than just themselves.

The real issue seems to be that there is a very real problem in the PVP realm of the game… PVPer friends tell me that botting is rampant and with this whole win-trading business that spells out a very real problem in the game.  And let’s not even discuss all the PVE nerfs that have been suffered in the name of PVP.  Perhaps the solution would be to further separate the two sections of the game?

Eh, that’s a discussion for another post I suppose… but as for me, if my account is at risk if I did queue into the wrong rated BG with friends, perhaps it’s just best to stay away?