Help! There’s RP in my PVE!

My Death Knight got the tanking helm off Ony10 the other night…  Very nice helm, finally forced me to break my 4 set bonus of 8.5…  And buy the t9 chestpiece to get the set bonus [with the 9.5 shoulders].

The Ony helm… is HIDEOUS!  The stats are great… but my bad DK looks like a goofball in it…

Now, my death knight has ALWAYS shown her helm.  Most of my other toons have the display off… but very few people have ever seen my dk’s face…  She never wanted to show it.  [Hey, I play on an RP server.  I don’t actively RP on server much, but all my toons have a backstory].  Askevar was once Carlyn [my warlock who is basically retired].  Carlyn was also married to Venoym [hubby’s paladin] in game… we actually held a wedding on the weekend before our anniversary one year.  Matojo’s post about DK’s being DEAD and who could really trust their loyalties made me think a bit… I mean Askevar’s whole purpose in-game is to kill the Lich King.  She had been reunited with her friends, but has kept them at arms length… including her paladin hubby [whom she should hate because he’s essentially the antithesis of a dk].   Perhaps, the reason she has is because SHE herself isn’t sure of what will happen after the Lich King dies…  Will she still be welcome among the living?  Will she have another purpose?

Well, anyway, I couldn’t bear to look at that hideous helm… seriously…  So… she showed her face in a raid for the first time tonight.  She finally realized [IC of course] that she can’t fight the Lich King if she’s hiding from herself.

Oh the things a hideous helm can spark…

Anyway, here is a picture of her dancing sans helm with a belf rogue she ran into with a similar name [OOC of course]!  Shocked the heck out of both of us!

Askevar and Askavar