Getting there!

I finally started getting alts through the Broken Shore stuff.  Doing just a bit at a time but I’m getting there.


Thanks to invasions, I also finally got my mage leveled, which is the last class to 110 I needed and I’m working on her class hall questline.  In fact, I’ve leveled about 5 toons via invasions.  I’m just taking 3-4 over each invasion I catch and doing the easier quests [kill one mob, or easy pick ups].  If I can do all 6 quests, it’s about a level per toon.  I find the scaling is a bit off for sub 110s.  Tanks can manage even so, but dps can run into problems finishing some of the quests [particularly in caves].


I’ve also started a massive new project – collecting all the transmog sets for all the classes.  You can see my progress on the Transmog Sets Page up at the top.  I’m focused on Death Knights primarily as that’s my main class, but I have most of the sets for them and what I’m missing is mostly single pieces from later sets.  I don’t run everything every week [clearly] but I pick and choose – what I feel like running, what class I feel like playing, or what I’m close to finishing.  It’s a very long term type project but I’ll get there eventually.  I’ve already bought the PVP sets for half the classes.  Granted, Death Knights, Monks and Demon Hunters had less sets to contend with in the first place.  I’m also done with Paladins, Priests and Warlocks as well for the PVP sets.  I think I calculated that it takes 324 Marks of Honor to buy all the sets for a class [presuming you have no sets for said class and that it’s not a later added class].  Running multiple toons through towers when they’re up is rather lucrative in terms of Marks of Honor.

Askevar’s Transmog

This is something I haven’t blogged about – at all.  Several of my alts have transmog sets, others have just a few pieces. Askevar has a very simple look that I think suits her well.  I have yet to find another set that works as well for her… though truth be told, I haven’t looked very hard.

Helm: Turned Off
Shoulders:  Blood Soaked Saronite Plated Spaulders
Cloak: Turned off
Chest: Necrotic Boneplate Chestguard
Wrists: Plated Saronite Bracers
Hands: Bloodbane’s Gauntlets of Command
Waist: Bloodscale Belt
Pants: Engraved Saronite Legplates
Feet: Greaves of the Slaughter
Axe – Greataxe of the Ebon Blade
Sword – Twinblade of the Phoenix


As you can see I followed the death knight blue starter set for the most part for the look.  I changed up the chestpiece because on a female dk, the starter chest is midriff baring… and that doesn’t suit Askevar.


I also changed the belt because I like pink and I wanted to sneak a bit of that in there 🙂


But yes, a very very basic transmog set… and will probably be her look until I can find better 🙂