How NOT to Treat a Tank

I’ve been sick the last few days… sick enough that I didn’t log onto WoW till late in the day.  I felt like crap so I decided to queue as dps for VP… that way in case I did have to make a sudden exit/afk I’d be less of a hindrance to the group or could easily leave and not cause a problem.

Zone in – Halls of Origination.  The tank’s first words are “OMG I HATE THIS PLACE”, followed by “brb phone” and then he suddenly had to go.  I actually feel sorry for the people that actually happens to because I’ve seen that song and dance too much to actually believe it, but what the hey… we requeue and get a pally tank to replace him about five minutes later.  Not bad… until neither the tank nor the dps knew how to do the first boss… we managed it.  Me doing 25k didn’t hurt I suppose… and killing the snakes and hitting a lever… etc.  The tank naturally drops after that.

Well… I’m feeling okay at this point, so eh, I respec and requeue as tank.  We pick up a dps dk and continue.  We pull the next couple packs and get to the next boss room… where the healer is going  “WHO IS THE TANK?!?!?!?!”.  Okay, well maybe addons are screwed up or something.  I indicate I’m the tank now.

So we tackle the boss room with little issue and then come to the boss.  He does a decent aoe as he comes in that destroys all the troggs but also damages the party.  I give the healer, who has had a lot of mana trouble thus far, a moment to put it right and get their mana back [I sit and eat as well].  The healer then jumps on me about how now I need to be pulling the boss and gogogo!  He’s at half mana… which is not nearly enough… but okay.

I pull… he dies in the first set of alpha beams.  I rez him and get snarky comments about “threat fail”.  I’ve had the boss the entire fight… solidly… no moment of the boss running off right at the start or nothing.  But yeah, he dies again to the alpha beams and naturally that’s my fault.

I manage to finish the fight… through a very creative series of CD uses and Death Strike [how I loves that ability!].  Everyone else survives and the boomkin [doing a very decent 12k] drops party.  Okay, regroup and I attempt to vote kick the healer whose healing is subpar, but he’s become abusive.  Vote kick fails.  Fine.  I take the group to the last boss…  cue the 4k dps dk having a fit.  Not ASKING mind you for us to tackle the other bosses.

After all this, heck if I’m staying one second longer than I have to…  I’ve got an abusive healer who dies to bad and blames me for “threat fail” when the boss isn’t even near him or on him…  I’ve got a 4k dps dk who doesn’t have a clue and is becoming abusive…  And the hunter was decent, but nothing to write home about either.

Well the new person dies on the first inferno leap on Rajh… easiest VP they ever got.  The other dk either can’t be bothered to rez them or doesn’t know to and mine is already on CD from popping the healer back up.

Guys, seriously… if you want a full boss run, I’m one of the more accomodating people you’ll find.  But when I’m already feeling sick, waited a dps queue to tank and on top of that, am getting abusive language from the party for things that are beyond my control?  Yeah, not staying for that mess.  Good luck finding a tank who will.  The only reason I stayed as long as I did was because the rest of the party was happy for Rajh.

Maybe I’ll just stick to running instances with hubby from now on like he suggested…  At least I’ll have one ally then.

Dear Blizzard,

Please stop giving Askevar2 Halls of Reflections every time I queue nowadays…  I mean seriously?  Back to back queuing for a random nets HHoR both times?  She needs nothing out of the instance and I’m sick and tired of dealing with the stupid that goes on in there.  My usual 2 wipe without progress limit has reduced to one wipe at all.  It’s bad enough that I told the group this morning that I kept getting HHoR and that if we wiped I’d be out.

No love,


ETA: I’ve been randomed into it about 10 times in the last 2 days… literally.  Only one of those netted an easy instance.  In the other nine, I was top dps and often times the only person doing higher than 2k dps [I was in the 3.5-4k on trash and 4-5k on boss fights].

I Belong in the Bee Pit…

I queued for a random this morning, got put in H-HoL, an annoying instance to be fair.  I could see trouble immediately.  The tank was blue-geared and the healer was a paladin with 42k mana…  And the dps [other than I] were sporting uber-titles.

This is naturally, a recipe for disaster.  Especially when as the warrior pulled the first mobs, the holy pally runs off and snags the next group, which the warrior tank [already having rage issues] can’t get a hold of.  The warrior tank asks “why’d you do that?”

Holy pally replies “Because I can handle it” as he charges off and pulls another group.  The mage and boomkin follow him and they vote kick the tank [I voted no] and initiate a requeue.  I decline to requeue and sit at the entrance where I’d stuck with the tank.  Hubby’s looking over my shoulder at this point because I have that “I hate stupid jerk pugs look” on my face.

They initiate a requeue again and I just sit there… and toss out a random vote kick on the mage which fails [he’d been screaming gogogogogogogogogogo].

The pally and mage start ragging on the boomkin, who was decent but apparently he was the reason the three of them couldn’t handle the first boss and wiped.  I admit, I was cackling at that point, but said nary a word.

Holy pally drops group; mage drops group.  Boomkin remains.  I finally select the dps role, we get a group in moments and continue.

Probably a fine example of Bee Pit Democracy

Malygos Stupid Awards of the week:

Grand Prize:
Apparently there is a hunter on my server who will go into pugs and will demand multiple buffs from pallies in them or he threatens to leave and then does.

He demanded that my paladin give him both kings and might.  Now I was the only pally and he wasn’t asking for drums.  He actually wanted BOTH pally buffs from my paladin.

I replied that he could have the big kings or might and that I’d happily give him either one but to pick.

“I’m out then.”  And he left raid.

Um… wow.

And I wonder why a hunter of his gearing ISN’T guilded?

Honorable Mentions:

1. The hunter with the mp5 helm off Gunship.

2. The Raid Leader who insisted we all /follow him on phase 3.  He died immediately on Phase 3 and proceeded to scream at us for NOT following him during it.

3. The healers who felt no need to heal dps on Malygos…  Naturally all the dps died in or shortly after the first vortex in phase 1 because we “pulled aggro” during vortex.

4. The healer who screamed at me on my pally because I pulled Malygos to “the wrong side of the circle”.

5. The group that got Maly to 196k on first attempt and then fell apart because we’re fail because we wiped.

6. The dps warrior who was decently geared but could only pull 1500 dps… died in the breath in Phase 2 and is still sitting in trade trying to Maly after being in 3 fail pugs I was also in.  He was also in several the first day.