The New Mount Grind…

I finally got the new Karazhan mount from Attumen – Midnight!  I’m glad for that but it left me going “What next?”  I always like having a mount to farm but I’ve trucked through most of them over time.  I try to do the Sha/Galleon/Nalak/Dino/Rukhmar grind each week with my main minimally but I’m still a ways off from being slotted into the “unlucky” category on Rarity.  I think I have 700 and some kills on Rukhmar, which is the one I have most kills on.  I think all of them are 1 in 2000?   And I’m now killing Mythic Blackhand weekly too.

But the new grind is actually the Glorious Felcrusher.  Despite doing tons of dailies on Argus and getting MANY emissary chests, I have yet to see that one.  So I’m grinding Army of the Light dailies on the main.  [Btw, if you need that grind, ALL blue elite quests give Army of the Light reputation, in addition to whatever rep they classify as]

And I’ve kept up with the level a day challenge largely.  I’ve missed on day thus far [January 1st ironically!] and I’ve done two levels a couple of the days.  That has resulted in two new 120s – my dwarf paladin and my blood elf demon hunter.  The paladin was already exalted with Ironforge, so I immediately went through the questline and got the Dwarf transmog for her.  Unfortunately the blood elf had very little reputation with Silvermoon [and you need exalted] so I spent a couple hours grinding through the outland heroics with the DMF hat and pretty quickly hit exalted.  I also picked up a few transmog pieces [Yay!]

Next on my list is leveling the rest of the toons on my main server while keeping them in rested.  So run out rested on one, switch to the next and so on.  It means I end up with a flurry of toons leveling at once but it also takes a bit to get there.  So we’ll see how I keep up with that goal long term.  I find it a bit ambitious but relatively doable.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!


I know, the blog’s been pretty dead of late!  I’m hoping to change that as one of my goals for the year is to update each of my two blogs twice a month.  Additional entries will be a bonus but we’ll just aim for that!

My other gaming related goal this year is to do a level a day.

I have a bunch of alts stuck at 110 [and some lowbies including a new Dark Iron Dwarf].  I want to do at least one level each day this year.  I reckon that with my increased busy schedule, that will be simpler than trying to level everything.  If I do extra, great.  It will probably balance out with days where I miss getting something leveled.  This way I will eventually get them leveled.  Probably in time for the next expansion.


Prot Paladin Concordance Achieved!

One of my paladins finally achieved concordance on her protection spec, so new mount!  I love this one as it’s pink and I love pink!



Quite pretty isn’t it?

I still need to grind out the Ret and Holy concordances which will take quite a bit of time, especially given that I’m doing most of the “grinding” via emissaries and that I have several classes in progress at the same time.  The good news it that three of the classes only need a single concordance.  Once those are done, it will lighten the load of the emissaries and I can do more than just the emissary quests.

Working on the emissaries this way also yielded my 80th legendary account-wide.  No, that is not a typo.  I have 80 legendaries across the account.  Most are from Emissary Caches.  Around 7 are from world bosses, 1 is from a mythic plus, 1 from raid and 2 are from random rares.  My main has 11 of the 13 possible for blood spec.  Once I get the final two, I’ll look to swapping her to frost spec.  I see no point in not having all the blood legendaries.

Despite not having a lot of time this week, I ended up being able to finish the AQ sets.  All I had remaining was the Mage set and just needed a bit more reputation to finish it off.  I’ve also been working on Tier 6 as well, but I don’t see finishing that this week… Hyjal is just too much of a pain to do many runs in.  I need to be running my two leatherworkers through SSC because all I need is the Belt of the Black Eagle for my hunter to finish off Tier 5.  I even have the random World Drop bracers by chance.

I’ve actually seen a lot of complaining on the forums about people being able to go back later and get transmog/mounts and such “easier” and how it’s unfair.  It’s all just silliness of course…. removing that content or requiring raids to go get it would strangulate a lot of people’s fun.  I know I enjoy all these transmog runs and I’ve always enjoyed running old raids “for the lawls” as they say.  I don’t understand people wanting everything to be a challenge.  And what’s a challenge for me, a normal raider, is not challenging for a mythic raider say nor is what is challenging for an LFR raider going to likely be overly challenging for anyone who raids beyond.  Having content for many levels is only logical and a good decision.

“Well just nix LFR and everyone can use the group finder to do raids”.  Um, nope.  I don’t pug raids anymore.  Been there, done that, don’t have time to fight with it.  Nixing LFR won’t force people into normals.  It’ll just lock them out of raiding once again entirely.  I just view LFR as a bonus that might give me an upgrade once in a while.

Random Achievement

I logged on this morning and had a notification of a post from Coffee Cakes and Crits that shared the link from a website named Simple Armory.    I looked up my main on the armory and noticed I was a bit shy of having completed all scenarios.  I went to look, because I was fairly certain I had done all the scenarios and realized it was Proving Grounds.


Yeah, not a fan.


My big complaint?  They’re boring!  It’s another round room of boredom.  [The original place that got that name was Trial of the Crusader, though I didn’t have as much of an issue with that].




I was inspired by finding out I was missing some to do the “You’re Doing it Wrong” achievement.  I ran Silver DPS as a Blood DK – super easy.  I was actually surprised.  I tried it once back in MoP and just shrugged and went on from there.  I debated tackling Gold Tank or Gold DPS but the idea of just sitting there fighting that just doesn’t sound interesting to me.


doing it wrong

Concordance on Alts!

I got concordance on all 3 of Askevar’s weapons shortly after getting Artifact Knowledge 40, so I quickly got the pets for all three specs of Death Knights.  And while I’ve had a lot of upheaval and craziness this last month between my grandmother being in the hospital, then her funeral and Vacation Bible School, I finally achieved Concordance on one of my alts.  My Demon Hunter has been one point off for a while so I finally sat down during one of the last invasions and did emissaries and invasion quests and hit concordance!


The result is a cute little toy!



Demon Hunter Pepe!!!!


Next target is going to be the paladin [prot spec concordance] and probably the warlock [for the mount for a concordance]

Getting there!

I finally started getting alts through the Broken Shore stuff.  Doing just a bit at a time but I’m getting there.


Thanks to invasions, I also finally got my mage leveled, which is the last class to 110 I needed and I’m working on her class hall questline.  In fact, I’ve leveled about 5 toons via invasions.  I’m just taking 3-4 over each invasion I catch and doing the easier quests [kill one mob, or easy pick ups].  If I can do all 6 quests, it’s about a level per toon.  I find the scaling is a bit off for sub 110s.  Tanks can manage even so, but dps can run into problems finishing some of the quests [particularly in caves].


I’ve also started a massive new project – collecting all the transmog sets for all the classes.  You can see my progress on the Transmog Sets Page up at the top.  I’m focused on Death Knights primarily as that’s my main class, but I have most of the sets for them and what I’m missing is mostly single pieces from later sets.  I don’t run everything every week [clearly] but I pick and choose – what I feel like running, what class I feel like playing, or what I’m close to finishing.  It’s a very long term type project but I’ll get there eventually.  I’ve already bought the PVP sets for half the classes.  Granted, Death Knights, Monks and Demon Hunters had less sets to contend with in the first place.  I’m also done with Paladins, Priests and Warlocks as well for the PVP sets.  I think I calculated that it takes 324 Marks of Honor to buy all the sets for a class [presuming you have no sets for said class and that it’s not a later added class].  Running multiple toons through towers when they’re up is rather lucrative in terms of Marks of Honor.

Checking In

Miss you too!

Cathedral of Tainted Souls

Hello, everyone. This is just a post to let you know that I’m still alive and well and doing just fine, thank you for asking.

Naturally, there are many things I miss about my life in WoW. I miss my friends and guildies. I miss making my YouTube videos and interacting with subscribers. Heck, at times I miss playing the game itself. It was fun. All of these things contributed to a sense of community that I miss dearly. You guys meant a lot to me and I think about all of you on a daily basis.

To be honest about it, I have to admit that I gave some serious thought to coming back. Aside from all the people and other things that I miss, I’d love to see and experience all of the new zones, quests, raids, and dungeons. I’d even love to take a crack at the…

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