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I started the New Year with the determination to blog regularly.  Draenor hasn’t been particularly conducive to regular blogging for me… add in moving to our new house [yes we bought one] and hubby having a cracked rib for that process and the unpacking and it sorta occupied my time.

My game time is nothing revolutionary either.  If I’m not raiding, it’s garrison chores [just cooldowns/mission rotation] or old raids, though I have done a few bursts of achievementing as well and I’ve now got 10 max level toons – 2 DKs [including my main], 2 pallies, 2 druids, a shaman, a monk, a hunter, and a warlock.  Most are fairly geared now too – between caches and 645 items from garrison missions.

Compared to other expansions, I’m not satisfied with this one.  I mean, yes, there’s plenty to do but the motivation to do a lot of it is just gone.  I know I’ll eventually max the reps… but there’s no framework to work within on them, so it’s a mindless, boring grind – the kind I hate the most so maybe they’ll eventually add something in to help with it?  I don’t know.  I have Arrakoa, Steamwheedle Preservation and Exarchs maxed already… but the rest can wait.  If hubby ever gets the notion to go grinding, I’ll go with.  He’s one that can enjoy that type of rep grind… throw up netflix on the other monitor and go.  So, I’ll just tag along if and when he gets the motivation.

Archaeology is a giant mess without flight.  I had a dig site at Zangara that had me running up and down, up and down, up and down and aggroing what felt like dozens of monsters.  Not worth it.  I’ll get what I can through the daily mine – which I still do on my main for the archaeology aspect and then see what I’m left with later.

And hey, if/when I get the mounts from Ulduar and Heroic Deathwing, I’ll have all the Pre-MoP raid mounts… so that’ll be checked off my list.  I did enjoy Raiding With Leashes 3.  I went after that with a vengeance.  I enjoy soloing old content so that chase was a lot of fun,  Not sure I have the fortitude for the Poundfist/Other Rare Mount waits.

As I predicted, and as I knew, I miss dailies and I’m not alone there.  I like a firm start and stop to a rep grind.  The gold didn’t hurt there either, though I’m not really hurting in that department this expansion.

I’m far from ready to give up on the game now.  I enjoy the raid team we’ve got and I want to love the game but there need to be some changes made.  I fear too long on this path and they will alienate that base of people who don’t unsub between content.  Those types who have been here in the droughts before and who keep finding something to do and something to love in game.  I’m seeing anecdotal evidence that they are going down that path just based on talking to people and reading some blogs.

What’s the core of the problem?  I don’t know exactly.  It’s not as simple as “no flight” or “no dailies”, though both of those would improve my QoL in game.  I’m that person who always flew around and explored every nook and cranny… loved old Nagrand for that.  And I did dailies after exalted when I felt like it.  Maybe it’s simply a perception problem – WoD has always felt like an expansion taking out a lot of content.  Some other bloggers have said it lacks lore, soul, or purpose.    Maybe it’s the whole Grind and RNG aspects… some of each is good but pure grind with no benchmarks and seemingly endless RNG aspects aren’t fun.  RNG has it’s place but instead of gating things behind multiple reps like people complained about in MoP, it now seems like things are gated behind endless RNG loops… and there could be no end to that unlike the reps.

Incidently, I rediscovered Diablo 3 the other week, so I may work on that again since Season 3 has started.  I really enjoyed the adventure mode with bounties.

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I pledged on a community to write 500k words this year… that can include both fiction and nonfiction that are not work related but are intended to be published at some point – so both my blog writing and my fiction writing can count!  Hopefully that will also rejuvenate this blog to a degree.  That’s an average of 1370 words a day though I tend to write in splurges so no idea what that will end up translating into.


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After trading recipes with a couple friends, I got the idea of posting a weekly “Raid Night Friendly” recipe.  It would be something relatively easy to fix that Ven and I have tested.  Very few of the recipes will be our own creations but most of them are not from any cookbook I’ve seen but word of mouth, grapevine or via facebook.  I get a number of my recipes from a facebook group titled “Awesome Restaurant Quality Recipes at Home”.  I’ve had a dud out of there but most of the recipes we’ve tried are absolutely fantastic so I definitely recommend joining that group!

I think I’ll debut the column tomorrow and post it every Friday. :)  Friday seems like a good day :)

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This week our raid team in Band of Misfits [Azuremyst] had a rocky start.  We started on Galakras and just had things going wrong left and right.  We finally overcame it and one shot Juggernaut too.  Dark Shaman has been our nemesis for a few weeks now.  We’ve been two tanking it and regularly were getting to 15% or below… once as low as 10%.  We tried three tanking with several different people – as we’ve been told by a multitude of sources that it makes the fight easier – and like often happens, found out the strategy didn’t suit us as well.  That happens… it’s historically happened to Ven and I in our years of raid leading.  One of the jobs of the raid leader is to find what works for your raid and your people.  Sometimes it’s “normal” and sometimes it isn’t.  I actually find it more fun when it isn’t… though I worried on twitter earlier in the week about how our Thursday raid might go.

Thursday night everyone was on a few minutes early, so we walked in and started clearing trash to Shamans.  Halo Hilarity Ensues.  With three priests, two of them running halo depending on the fight… well… halo didn’t actually wipe the entire raid but it does keep us as tanks on our toes :P.

Finally the trash is cleared and our unholy dk says  “We’re gonna one shot this!”

We start the fight and suddenly I realize the Shamans are popping bloodlust… 25% and no one is dead!  Holy crap!  Naturally I ended up being the first to die but they got me a rez and I got trapped and died again… so yeah, not the cleanest kill… at all.  But it was done!  And all before the guild flex run that runs opposite us on Thursdays was even formed up :D  Yay!!!!

Onto Nazgrim!  The trash to Nazgrim is fun.  At least I like it…  Nazgrim is a bit of a pain but we got him too!  All it took was tweaking the strategy a little bit… tanking him in the middle of the room [a little closer to the adds], being sure Ven and I swapped the second our debuffs were gone.  We even accidently pushed 10% with adds up but hero/burn boss worked well :)  Sadly no mastery 2h for me!  Granted, we haven’t seen a normal mode 2h weapon yet… or the strength trinket off Norushun… or the spirit mace or the tanking shield… or or or or.  Yeah, to our annoyance we don’t see much beyond the normal 2-3 pieces per boss.  Which is sad since we shard all the leather drops.

So yay Team Dippy!

Malkorok and Spoils are next!!!

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Over the holidays the hubby and I have been letting our son play WoW with us.  We have a third account and he’s got a mage on it and a hunter I just finished leveling today [and they both have cele two piece].  He’s only five years old but he’s remarkably astute about some things.  But he’s also given me a little clue into some of the stereotypes I see in LFR.

1. Time Warp popping mage.   My son’s “main” would be his mage I expect.  He tools around on some of the lowbies on the account, and the hunter but most of his small amount of game time is spent on the mage.  He loves the mage because he can make everyone in the group BIG.

2. Summoning of things – He loves dropping the table to feed everyone.  Just about every pull.  He also loves summoning his friends [mirror image] so he can have help.

3. Needing on everything – He’s pretty good about greeding stuff but occasionally he just NEEDS to “get a present” from the boss and will forget and need everything.  That’s not a big deal in Ulduar or ICC.  We just have him trade something if someone else wants it.  And frankly, it’s irrelevant in LFR now but more for LFD.

4. Incessant bouncing.  Doesn’t matter what toon he’s on he’s bouncing everywhere.

5. Randomly following a pet around during a fight/not dpsing the boss – there are more interesting things than boss fights!

6. AoE on single target fights – because arcane explosion [number 9] is fun!

7. Pulling for the tank – because starting the fight is important and fun!  Besides, he has to drop a flare under the boss and “set them on fire”

8. “GOGOGOGOGO” – because he’s five… and can’t sit still.

9. Trolling the tanks – “I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to press the button and start the fight” [Mimiron].  Next week: “I’m gonna push the button again!”

So… just pretend everyone in LFR is five years old and is just learning to read.  Whole new perspective.  Now he just needs to discover how to turn growl on and Aspect of the Pack on his hunter…

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2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Moar Ghostcrawler QQs

Ghostcrawler is at it yet again… first it was mourning the introduction of flight into the game and now it’s the fact that people can develop every profession and not have to rely on other players… oh QQ more please.

1. But it gives some people an advantage!!!!

Yes, it does.  Just as doing dailies, grinding reps, running heroics, running raids, doing PVP – all that gives benefits and advantages to those that do it.  I can’t expect to go into a PVP match with the same gear and practice as someone who specializes in it – not without putting some time and effort into gearing and becoming practiced at it.  When I hit exalted with Shaohao, I’ll have the advantage of having a mount.  It’s really the same principal.  And while you may not have an engineer to make the new shiny mount, you’ll be able to get it cheaper on the AH as a result of more people having the profession.  And usually, the benefits of me having developed all the professions on my main server go toward my guildmates and friends more than myself.  Heck, I’ve even helped out random people because so many alts = lots of extra mats I don’t need.

Consider also, leveling 5 death knights gives me an advantage as a death knight, just as leveling multiple paladins gives my husband more practice and advantage there.  Should we then restrict alts?  Or perhaps we should eliminate them entirely?  Yes, going to an extreme here, but not everyone is going to be equal in terms of game, nor should we try and force them to be.

2. But Profession alts don’t get played actively!

For most people. do alts really get played to the level of their mains?  I mean, I know a few people, including some bloggers like this who CHOOSE to maintain a few alts to near the same level based on what their raid might need.  However, most people don’t play their alts as much as their mains.  I know several people who leveled alts to 90 strictly for the Quintessential Quintet achievement and people who leveled a horde simply for the Double Agent achievement [and let’s not even discuss the “Master of All” achievement wholly endorsing having all the professions].  People who didn’t use their time to do that don’t have the advantage of those achievements… not that there’s anything really to them other than the points.  These alts don’t often even HAVE professions and hit 90 and are forgotten, so they’re played even LESS than profession alts.

Playing alts is an important part of some people’s gameplay.  I know that I love mine and the Alt Appreciation weeks have shown that a number of people enjoy them as well.

3. But you don’t understand!  You’ve developed all the professions on your server.

On my main server, yes.  On my 2 alt servers I’ve been left to fend for myself.  Alliance side Argent Dawn, I’m having to live without a Jewelcrafter, Scribe, or an Alchemist.  The fact that there are a number of JC’s and Alchemists tends to drive down the prices there to affordable levels [though glyphs tend to be pricey].  I make a little bit there selling pets and enchants and manage to buy what I need, or a cheaper version of it.  I don’t like having to ask for help from guildies but I’ve been fortunate to be able to find someone there when I’ve needed something.  Eventually I’ll probably slap a profession on one of my professionless alts there and level something.  I get in the mood to profession now and again.

Horde side Argent Dawn and Alliance Thorium Brotherhood [my old server] – These servers are so dead that if you don’t have it or can’t make it – you just go without.  I know people who have sat in trade for large parts of their game time for days trying to find a JC who can make a particular cut.  Forcing people to sit in a city, looking for a particular item… well isn’t city sitting why they were trying to get us out in the world?

4. One other consideration people are forgetting [and that I touched on above] is that limiting professions in such a way will cause supply to fall drastically and prices to skyrocket.  Some of the very people who provide items on the cheap do that in multiple professions.  And if you think I won’t use my two professions in the two profession scenario to make money to cover my other expenses and then some, you’d be silly.

In summation, the more time you put in, of course the more advantages and benefits you’re going to have [and the faster you’ll attain them].  I don’t disagree that some changes could be made to make professions a little better – perhaps making them align more with leveling or make them more meaningful for the character that has them, but forcing people to choose only two per account or some such just to be limiting and eliminate the work of others is just asinine.

Besides, having those alts can often lead to discovering new joys in the game – it’s how I discovered that I enjoy tanking for instance – I got dissatisfied with my warlock and the hubby needed a tank and well I had a max level dps dk who I could swap to tank and well… there you go.  And with the profession benefits it allows a small measure of customization of an alt – something that seems to gradually be going away with all the homogenization going on.

Personally I find it somewhat interesting that Ghostcrawler is so offended by these things that would just about be impossible to remove from game without major subscriber loss.  It seems as if perhaps he’s either no longer interested in playing personally or that perhaps Blizzard wants to get rid of some of its player base.  I mean the logical conclusion to all this is that we end up with one toon, no alts.  And I think we all know that’s not practical considering the number of people into alting.  And for people not interested in endgame raiding/LFR/PVP – that’s about all they have.  I see a lot of wistfulness for the “good old days” but I submit that while they are the “old days” not everything about them was as “good” as people want to remember.

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