When Things Blow Over…

Our Friday ten man took it’s first look at the Throne of the Four Winds last night.  After a couple of deaths from being blown off the platforms the wrong way [ahem… a couple perhaps on purpose? :P], we actually started the first boss fight – Conclave of Wind.

The fight itself is remniscent of both Twin Emperors and Blood Princes.  It has three mini bosses, or djinns that have to die within 90 seconds of each other or they are reborn.  They are all on separate platforms that you have to jump to and from via the wind “port” [for lack of a better term].  When they reach 90 energy, they cast an ultimate ability that’s pretty nasty.  And should no one be on the platform to tank it, they do a raid wipe ability.

Tank swapping is a bit messy [the AMS debuff drop seems to be more random than certain] and the adds were getting down just in time but it seemed to be going really well!  Our druid healer/boomchicken was doing a marvelous job handling Rohash since he has to be ranged tanked and the entire group was getting the hang of the platform swapping [which is just a pain!] and our healers always do a great job.

All in all, quite an interesting fight.  We got them down to 23% overall, much better than our 70% on Magmaw the week before.  If we can amp our dps a bit and get the dance down a little cleaner, we’d have it.  In fact, we were quite close on our last attempt.  If we could have lasted one more “ultimate” phase we’d have been able to get the first of the djinns down and probably a second as well.

After that, we called it and did something fun – hit Ulduar and blew through it to get several people a Yogg-Saron kill.  We were tempted to try and hard mode, but were running short on time.

Anyway, grats all on the achieves Wrecking Crew!