Part of Raid Leading is Knowing When to Call It.

We cancelled our ulduar25 raid tonight.  We had 16 people online at invite time and the last couple of weeks have been like pulling teeth.  We think people are getting tired and a bit burned out.  Therefore, a night off, is a good thing once in a while in a casual raiding guild, because raiding isn’t a job, it’s supposed to be fun.

So tonight – the first night of Brewfest, we’re taking time off and we’re going to hit Ulduar25 and ToC25 next week like a hurricane!!!!  Watch out!  Here we come!!!


Just a note on the links…

Just wanted to acknowledge that on a blog that’s primarily dedicated to my dk, I have a sudden appearance of priest stuff… that’s simply based on where I am in game play – my priest alt JUST hit 80 and some of these are resources I was using to learn a bit more about the discipline spec and enjoyed 😀

PVP sucks in PVE!

I should clarify that while I understand that some people enjoy pvp – I play on an RP server for a reason.  I rarely do any form of PVP – save for achievements [and an occasional WG].  Heck, I don’t even RP really.  I got here by random server choice

I see absolutely no point in putting a PVP encounter in ToC [10/25].  Especially since we come in severely disadvantaged.  PVP gear does NOT work.  Resilience is pointless and typical PVP abilities are stupidly unuseful.

For that matter, basing changes to PVE on PVP is the ultimate stupidity as well.  There really should be a separate spec for PVP.

I Can Haz Heals [and apparently do them too]!

Well my priest alt hit 80 today.  Thanks to a couple of guildies, plus my own alt army and hubby, I had her decently geared immediately.  Healed my first heroic – Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, with a tank who’s usually dps [but has a great tank set and IS an awesome tank].  One of our best healers went boom and helped me out on the gauntlet.  And we had a new 80 mage and a warlock alt who’s geared above 1900 gear score [warcrafter rating].

Now, UP is an instance that can be wrought with peril.  I should know.  I’ve tanked and dpsed it successfully [and unsuccessfully] many many times.  The healer is OFTEN the problem.  And with the exception of the gauntlet and a spare heal once or twice, I had no help.  I was sure our druid was throwing heals left and right.  And I stayed above half mana the whole instance – chain pulling the whole way.  I was in shock!  I epicly failed druid healing back in Burning Crusade, so I wasn’t expecting to do well, but I read a bit on disc priests [though not as much as I should have].

Now they’re taking me into H-ToC… well it was supposed to be Regular ToC, but they switched it up on me last second.  One wipe, almost a couple more… but we made it!

Achievements I want on all my alts…

With Cataclysm set to hit Azeroth at some point probably next year, I’ve decided there are a few achievements I want on all my alts, regardless.

1. Classic Dungeonmaster — I don’t trust Blizz not to do something funky with h-deadmines etc, so I want them to all have the achievements in advance.  The phasing during leveling makes me nervous about powerleveling toon because if my hubby’s pally can’t see me – he very well can’t help.  I have Classic on all but 2 of my 78 plus toons and only need another 14 random classic dungeon runs to achieve that.  I figure I can get the dungeons along the way with my upcoming toons.

2. World Explorer – Outlands and Northrend are easy – mainly due to flight.  All my 80s have them explored, except 1 and my priest has both as well.  My old and new mains have EK and Kalimdor explored but the rest… eh… they’re all missed an area or two in each zone.  So this will be a time consuming one.  I figure if I do a little at a time I’ll get there eventually.

3. Loremaster on my DK – yes, I am insane.  I have like 10 quests done on one island, and 15 on the other since I just about skipped straight to outlands at 58.  This will be the most time consuming achievement.

4. Max out my priest, mage and warrior to 80.  The priest is almost 79 now, so she won’t be any trouble.  And since my mage got her spec fixed, she’s grinding through mobs like a fiend!  The warrior is more problematic atm, but I can power level him I spose if need be.

5. Max out all professions – Most of my people are a few points short in their professions and only two have cooking to max, so I definitely want to work on that.

On the Effectiveness and Usefulness of Alts in a Casual Raiding Guild

So in summation, I believe that gearing alts is great to a degree, but it should never get in the way or hinder 25 man progression.

Our guild one shot the first event on ToC25 this past week with few deaths and we almost had Jaraxxus.  We’re up to working on Thorim in Ulduar25 and we have one ten man team attempting to down Yogg-Saron for the first time.  The second team is likely only a few weeks behind as they just hit Mimi.  We’re doing well, we’re progressing as much as a casual, family raiding guild can expect to and yet some people are unhappy.

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Life is a process and so is leveling/gearing/playing a toon.

Welcome to my blog!  Got the bug to start one after seeing so many great ones online.  Anywho, I am a WoW altoholic who does define a main toon [aka the toon that gets all the special stuff and attention].  My main is my death knight tank – frost spec.  I started her off as an alt right when Lich King hit.  Continue reading “Howdy!”