Overwatch Beta!


Yup, hubby and I made it into the Overwatch Beta.  First impressions were mixed.  I won the first match ever but I’ve lost every single one since…  I have a feeling that since others already intimately know the maps and I tend to be somewhat hesitant in an FPS until I do, that’s going to really make my performance suffer.

It’s a pretty polished game… actually reminds me of an upscale version of Unreal Tournament.

I really enjoy playing Reaper but I’m very very bad on him.  I’m actually pretty good at Widowmaker.  I always was good at sniping back in Battlefield Bad Company 2.  This is just a tad bit more fast paced so I almost feel like I certainly have to be ticking off my team constantly.  The tank role in Overwatch confuses me… because it just seems like standing there right now and keeping a shield up as much as possible?  Anyway, it’s a new game so I’ll learn some.  Not sure it will end up being a favorite.

Hubby did the tutorial when he got home last Tuesday and then jumped into a match where he got repeatedly killed by a Roadhog… who seems pretty OP right now… or the learning curve isn’t bad or we are lol.  Probably some combination.  Learning the maps seems to be key so we’ll probably play around in a private or practice game to explore and learn.  It’ll get better when we do.

Blizzcon and E-Sports

So we broke down and bought Virtual Tickets for the first time ever [I wants my Murkidan!].  We’ve found we actually enjoy watching E-Sports.  Well, not Hearthstone.  We find that akin to watching a couple people play double solitaire…  but we really enjoy watching Starcraft.  In fact, watching the Starcraft free stream the other year is the reason we got into that game.  We haven’t played it too much of late but once Legacy of the Void comes out, I reckon we’ll get some playtime in.

We also watched the WoW arena stream and we really enjoyed that too – including the 6 v 6 exhibition match the other day.  I realize in some of the Twitterverse it’s apparently not hip to like the E-Sports and I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy watching someone else play but I actually do, even though I’m not big on PVP in any game.

The Blog

I’m trying to get back here as I’ve done several times this year.  The combination of the state of the game plus the state of the community and my presence of twitter has probably all not helped.  Social Media has its advantages but it also has a lot of disadvantages.  So hopefully I’ll be writing here more regularly – between WoW goals, Overwatch and Legacy of the Void and let’s not forget Diablo 3 – I have several max level heroes this season.  We’ll see