DK Tank Basics: Gemming and Enchanting

There have been a few people interested in this information of late, so I thought I’d write up a post ūüôā

MetaAustere Shadowspirit Diamond [81 stam/2% armor]
Yellow Р Fractured Amberjewel [40 mastery]
Red Р Fine Ember Topaz [20 parry/20 mastery]
BluePuissant Dream Emerald [20 mastery/30 stam]

Helm Р Arcanum of the Earthen Ring Рpurchased from the Earthen Ring quartermaster in Vashjir
Shoulders Р Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz Рpurchased from the Therazane Vendor in Deepholm [or the Inscription from the inscription profession if you have that]
Cloak – Protection [250 armor] – materials are Hypnotic dust x8 and Greater Celestial Essence x3
Chest РGreater Stamina [Hypnotic Dust x10, Heavenly Shard x4, Maelstrom Crystal x2] OR Peerless Stats [Heavenly Shard x3, Maelstrom Crystal x3]  Cheap alternates: Mighty Stats [Lesser Celestial Essence x2] or Stamina [Hypnotic Dust x5, Lesser Celestial Essence x1]
Bracers – Superior Dodge [Greater Celestial Essence x5, Volatile Air x1]
Gloves РGreater Mastery [Hypnotic Dust x10, Greater Celestial Essence x5, Maelstrom Crystal x2].  Cheap alternate: Mastery [Hypnotic Dust x1, Lesser Celestial Essence x1]
Pants – Drakehide Leg Armor. ¬†Cheap Alternate: Twilight Leg Armor [still has agility, but this is an alternative if you’re just gearing – just remember that agility does nothing for you].
Boots РMastery [Hypnotic Dust x10, Greater Celestial Essence x3].  Cheap Alternate: Earthen Vitality [Hypnotic Dust x2]

Weapon – ¬†Rune of Swordshattering. ¬†This provides 4% parry as opposed to the 2% stamina of Stoneskin Gargoyle. ¬†Both are options though I typically see the Swordshattering on more geared tanks and the Stoneskin Gargoyle on newer to 85 tanks. ¬†Personally, I’d recommend starting with the Swordshattering.

While the debate still rages in some circles on what death knights should stack, I recommend, as I always have, a balanced approach. ¬†You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket with reference to the important stats. ¬†And the amount you have of each will go up as you gear up. ¬†The stats to focus on [in no particular order] are Mastery, Dodge, Parry. ¬†Hit and Expertise are nice where you can get them but are something you won’t need to touch with gemming or enchanting.

I’m NOT a number cruncher in terms of theorycrafting. ¬†I read ideas and try out what makes sense and approach things with a balanced eye. ¬†I’m a casual raider, not hardcore and I’ve been told by the healers I’ve worked with that I’m solid and not squishy [I chat with my healers occasionally to make sure I’m not making their job difficult]. ¬†In terms of what I run in defense stats, I like to keep at least 13% dodge and 20% parry. ¬†I also like what mastery I can get without sacrificing other stats and that goes up probably most markedly in terms of the three as you attain gear.

Please do gem and enchant your gear [even if you use cheap alternatives]!  That can actually make a marked difference.

Thanks for reading ūüôā