The New Mount Grind…

I finally got the new Karazhan mount from Attumen – Midnight!  I’m glad for that but it left me going “What next?”  I always like having a mount to farm but I’ve trucked through most of them over time.  I try to do the Sha/Galleon/Nalak/Dino/Rukhmar grind each week with my main minimally but I’m still a ways off from being slotted into the “unlucky” category on Rarity.  I think I have 700 and some kills on Rukhmar, which is the one I have most kills on.  I think all of them are 1 in 2000?   And I’m now killing Mythic Blackhand weekly too.

But the new grind is actually the Glorious Felcrusher.  Despite doing tons of dailies on Argus and getting MANY emissary chests, I have yet to see that one.  So I’m grinding Army of the Light dailies on the main.  [Btw, if you need that grind, ALL blue elite quests give Army of the Light reputation, in addition to whatever rep they classify as]

And I’ve kept up with the level a day challenge largely.  I’ve missed on day thus far [January 1st ironically!] and I’ve done two levels a couple of the days.  That has resulted in two new 120s – my dwarf paladin and my blood elf demon hunter.  The paladin was already exalted with Ironforge, so I immediately went through the questline and got the Dwarf transmog for her.  Unfortunately the blood elf had very little reputation with Silvermoon [and you need exalted] so I spent a couple hours grinding through the outland heroics with the DMF hat and pretty quickly hit exalted.  I also picked up a few transmog pieces [Yay!]

Next on my list is leveling the rest of the toons on my main server while keeping them in rested.  So run out rested on one, switch to the next and so on.  It means I end up with a flurry of toons leveling at once but it also takes a bit to get there.  So we’ll see how I keep up with that goal long term.  I find it a bit ambitious but relatively doable.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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