Leaps and Bounds…

In our 25 man ICC runs we’ve been struggling to down Marrowgar…

But this past weekend, we one shot him… two shot Deathwhisper, one shot Gunship and 2 shot Saurfang!

It was an amazing raid!  Everyone was in synch and working together… we were a force!

We're on a Boat!

Ding Dong Deathbringer's Dead!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Leaps and Bounds…”

  1. Go Team WaR!!! It felt really good to get all that down this weekend and see so many get great lewts. It felt pretty good last night as well, when our 10 man got down Deathwhisper and *almost* got Gunship. I love progression!

  2. Tuesdays team, hindered as it was with only 2 healers, wiped the floor with the first area as well.
    Bit of trouble on Marrowgar, spanked Deathwhisper, spanked the boat, and then 2shot Sauerkraut.
    I think the subliminal messaging is working.

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