I’ll Wipe to Prove a Point or Why I Probably Shouldn’t Heal

Maybe that’s sad to say.  I usually won’t do that on my main – my tank, but on my healer?  You better believe it.  You run off and pull more mobs while I’m drinking?  I’ll finish drinking and THEN move that direction.  If you die and then I consequently die?  Well, I’m sorta figuring that wiping will mean more to you than it does to me.  And if not, hey, we’re even I suppose.

My healing toon [a disc priest] just hit 85 and is in ur instances healing ur randomz.  She’s technically “geared” for heroics, but I’m sure not going there yet.  I barely survive a lot of the fights on normals.

I suppose this qualifies as my whiny post for Whiny Post Day.  Unless I get something better to whine about.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

10 thoughts on “I’ll Wipe to Prove a Point or Why I Probably Shouldn’t Heal”

  1. I used to main heal instances both of my 85s and if I noticed people pulling while I’m drinking, and just generally not checking my mana, I’ll warn them once, and if they do it again I wait for the tank to die and then drop group. That way they die and I get to lul my way into another group.

    1. At least I’m not alone. I’ve never been the most generous healer when it comes to dealing with stupid… I always thought it was because my main is a tank [hubby’s the same way on his healer and his main is a tank].

  2. Yeah I agree.
    I have been on both sides of that one. As I tank I have not noticed the healer drinking… ONCE. After I die, I tend to have better focus.

    1. Repair bills are good teachers. I do know this 😀

      But yeah I’ve pulled too soon before while the healer was drinking, just not paying attention. I’ve not died from it – but came quite close.

  3. I do something like this when I tank. If I get a group that’s abusing me, or telling me to “gogogo” repeatedly, I’ll pull a large group, start tanking them as normal, then drop group with an: “Enjoy your queue and repair bills!” You have to REALLY piss me off to get me to that point, though. I’m usually very PUG tolerant.

    1. See I’m nicer on my tank – I won’t drop mid pull like that. I usually just make them kick me by sitting down and refusing to do anything if it’s that abusive.

      1. Hehe, that’s more like what I’ll do on my healer. Let them barely survive on their own, then wait for the: “Healer, you coming?”

        “Not till you apologize.”

  4. My main is a tank, but I also play a healer, so I understand.

    I ,however, have blogged about healers who just abuse their role for no apparent reason. As a tank, I’ve zoned into a random and the healer was telling the group that he was NOT going to heal anyone who wasn’t going 4k dps. In this case, I don’t think it is right to hold back healing because that IS what you’re in the group to do.

  5. Zaren,
    Agreed. If you think that someone has low DPS, then just say it “Your DPS seems low”, don’t play passive aggressive and not heal.

    I was in a dungeon the other day (mid 40’s as I recall) and the tank and 2 dps were pulling 400-700 DPS, the third was at 100 dps. I said ” 100 dps is a bit low” his reply was “yeah, go to hell”

    ok, we kicked him. Had he said “yeah, just getting used to a new ” or “only been playing a week” then sure, have low DPS and we will help. But you don’t get to have low DPS AND an attitude. 😀

    Sorry for the tangent.

  6. I prove points all the time, especially doing ZA runs since it was made heroic 5 man. Yes, we all want war bears, but when I need to heal a whole group because a tank isn’t holding aggro; you give me 10 seconds to get some mana back. Last week I kicked a tank right before the bear fight. We dropped a bear too. A Good Healer > Not-Bad Tank.

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