The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen in LFR

We did the back half of LFR tonight and got in there, got to spine.  We realized then that one of our “healers” was dpsing rather than healing.  Another healer DC’d and never came back and I think a third one died.  We had like 3 amals get killed  without exploding because dps wouldn’t stop and ultimately wiped.  Our guild asked for a raid kick on the healing priest being shadow as well as the dc’d healer, so we could move forward.

This priest then begins to bless me out for “being the last healer”

Cut out duplicate lines and the rest of the healing meter in my SS:


I do realize that six heals can be OP for some fights… but you really should do the job you’re queued for and queue for the job[s] you’re willing to do.  Because what happens when a healer dc’s mid fight or one dies freakishly?

And you may want to know who you’re screaming at when you rage.  But thanks for the giggles.  The guildies that were with me were cackling madly at this.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen in LFR”

    1. We had a disc priest with us and she was doing mostly smite atonement stuff on the first 2 fights and put smites in between when heals were needed…

      It didn’t help that the healer playing shadow was also one of the biggest problems in terms of following targets… he dps’d down [with help I’m sure] a couple other corruptions that didn’t need to be taken down.

  1. That is quite funny, people don’t seem to pay any attention at all. I once got called out in ZG for “dpsing the wrong target”, which was interesting since I was healing. (But maybe my judgements counts as dpsing..?) The same person also gloated that he did more dps than my brother.. who was tanking.

    As for LFR I really wish people would do the role they signed up for. Healers especially seem to think it’s okay if they dps instead. And sure, a lot of fights don’t need 6 healers.. but as you say, what if they die/dc.. or heck, what if half of them decide that they rather dps?

    1. Yeah… I mean it’s not as big a deal if only one healer goes dps but what if they all do? Or what if your tanks decide to randomly go dps?

      It really didn’t help that the priest in question above was also one of the biggest problems on spine… he dps’d extra corruptions, was calling conflicting corruptions to dps [LFR norm is top right, he was calling back left] when we were marking a skull anyway. Just very annoying in general.

      But definitely – do the role you queue for.

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