Eastern Kingdom Fires

Flame Warden of Eastern Kingdoms:
Arathi Highlands – Refuge Point [north side]
Blasted Lands – Nethergarde Keep [out front gates]
Burning Steppes – Morgan’s Vigil
Dun Morogh – Kharanos [North of flight point]
Duskwood – Darkshire [SW]
Elwynn Forest – [Goldshire]
Loch Modan – Thelsamar
Northern Stranglethorn – Fort Livingston
Redridge Mountains – Lakeshire
The Cape of Stranglethorn – Booty Bay
The Hinterlands – Aerie Peak
Western Plaguelands – Chillwind Camp
Westfall – Moonbrook
Wetlands – Menethil Harbor

Extinguishing Eastern Kingdoms:
Arathi Highlands – Hammerfall
Badlands – New Kargath
Burning Steppes – Flame Crest
Eversong Woods – North Sanctum
Ghostlands – Tranquillien
Hillsbrad Foothills – Tarren Mill
Northern Stranglethorn – Grom’Gol
Silverpine Forest – Sepulcher
Swamp of Sorrows – Bogpaddle
The Cape of Stranglethorn – Booty Bay
The Hinterlands – Revantusk Village
Tirisfal Glades – Brill


Other Fires in EK:
Bogpaddle – Alliance fire
Badlands – Alliance Fire [Dragon’s Mouth]

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