Wherein I Grade Patch 5.0

Account Wide Achievements – A minus
I like these and approve happily of them!  I’ve done achievements on quite a few toons and I still can… but now I can ignore the ones I don’t care to do!  The only drawback to this is that I wish reputation had been account-wide as well… or if not fully mimicking the reputation of your main toon, that you at least got SOME benefit from exalting with a faction once?  There are some grinds I will never do again.

Account Wide Pets and Mounts – A minus
I’m okay with this change too.  In fact, there’s been only one concern for me in regards to account wide pets.  Why is the ceiling set at 500?  I collected pets as I found them account wide.  So much so that I ended up with a total of over 1260 pets in the book… meaning I’m going to have quite a few to go through when MoP finally hits.  I also have 2 new pets sitting in my bags that I can’t learn right now because of the limit.

Cross Realm Zones – D minus overall now [F for implementation]
This feature was implemented in a way not advertised, is causing excessive lag and is just frustratingly random.  Doing my Icecrown dailies, I have to log several times because if it reads that I’m supposed to cross realms and it doesn’t transfer my toon, rather than ending up on my own realm, I end up in a “dead” space with no N.PCs, no players, no mobs.  It’s not a matter of anything other than the implementation and it’s frustrating as heck.  Sometimes I can’t even log out and have to force quit and restart.  This feature is also vulnerable to griefing and that just isn’t cool.  Plus, doing the fishing tournaments, Wintergrasp and Tol Barad is basically out right now.  I think a better alternative would have been to permit free transfers for a short time to certain realms or from certain realms.  Star Wars had some success with allowing low pop servers to migrate to high population servers.  The super low population left behind could become the “new” servers for new players.  It has potential if they can work out the bugs, but I’m not as optimistic that they will quickly.

Guild Reputation – A
I like the higher rate of guild reputation.  I think it needed to be easier to obtain… maybe not as easy as it is but it’s been nice to finish exalting the alts that have swapped guilds so they can have exalted reputation again with their guilds.

Druid Travel Form – A Plus
Okay I ADORE this.  It’s wonderfully appropriate and much better than the cheetah in my opinion.  And my druid healer can be a tree again yay!!!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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