Perils of tanking on an alt…

I have 3 toons with tank spec – my dk who is my main, my paladin who is probably more often prot than ret and my druid who I abhor tanking on.  I haven’t blogged about this incident before, because it predated creation of my blog by a few weeks but the newest post over at Confessions of a Girl Gamer reminded me of it.

3 people in my guild were looking for a heroic toc run for a few items and they needed a tank and healer.  My Death Knight needed nothing, so I said that I could bring my paladin tank and attempt to tank it.  I’d been told that she was ready for Ulduar-10 easily, so I wasn’t too worried.  They pugged a healer [their first mistake].

We finished the jousting without a hitch, then the druid healer we’d picked up proceeded to instruct me on every minute action I should take as tank.  I was amused at first, then just tuned her out.  I have little patience for micro managers when it comes to my tanking… especially non-tanks.  She was also going on and on about how awesome a toc25 healer she was.  I glance at her gear… level 200 epics and blues.  Yeah.  Right.  Just heal the bloody instance.

And we proceed to start in on a wipefest.  After three of them, the druid starts in on how awesome a healer she is and how it can’t possibly be her fault… I don’t have enough health and I take too much damage.

“Fine.  I’ll go get Askevar.  BRB” and I handed lead to one of the guildies.

I walk back in as an Ulduar 25 geared DK tank with the undying title.  She didn’t say another word.  At all.  And my elemental shammy guildie was having to throw heals to keep me topped off because the druid either couldn’t or wouldn’t heal… though she was running out of mana really really fast…

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “Perils of tanking on an alt…”

  1. I hate micro-managers. I hate them so much.

    If I want help, I’ll ask for it – ask my Friday ToC-5 group – but if I’m not asking and I’m not screwing up too badly (or if I’m screwing up, I’m acknowledging it), bugger off and leave me alone.

    Sounds like a faildruid!

  2. I had a healer with a similar mentality wailing at me in ToC as well. My tank merrily MTed Anub in ToC10 the evening before but apparently ToC5 was too much for me because “the tank needs to survive mostly alone in phase two because of zombies on the healer.” While I would have understood someone struggling to heal with adds beating on them, I’d stuck vigilance on her at the start of the second phase and just taunted anything that gave her as much as a nasty look. No… she was just standing in his green AoE effect instead and spamming Healing Touch on herself.

    Personally, when one of my characters is undergeared or my skills aren’t up to par I feel bad about it and apologise, I don’t try to blame it on other people. I really don’t understand what’s going through these folks’ heads. =/

    1. It is your basic “I R TEH AWESOME EBAY ACCOUNT PLAYERZ HERE ME RAWR!” mentality.
      Askevar is a guildie of mine and she can attest to the fact that both my high geared toons are just simply threat generating monsters. I play a hunter and a warlock as my two main raid DPS toons and both, on command, can rip threat from any one of our tanks. The flipside of it is this though, I’m told I’m a good player, thus I don’t “actually” pull threat because I keep myself in check.
      In the end it comes down to, am I willing to take responsibility for my screw up or will I go out of my way to blame someone else for it.

  3. Yeah, I’m not fond of those folks who act like they know it all and try to tell you how to play the game. And then point the finger at anyone but themselves when the you know what hits the fan. Least she/he shut up good when you brought Askevar over. That’ll show em. 🙂

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